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Game of MB Thrones: A Song of Ice and Bison

Here at Manitoba Hot, we are huge Game of Thrones fans and with the new season upon us, we got to thinking: “What would Manitoba look like if it was in the Game of Thrones world?” And you know what? We discovered Manitoba IS Westeros. We fit perfectly. Wolves? Check. Desert sands? Check. A wall?

Festival Madness – Fire & Water finishes first!

The votes are in and the winner of Festival Madness is Fire & Water!!! Maybe it’s fitting that a festival with the word “fire” in its name is the one that actually caught fire in the competition. A little about Fire & Water 🔥💦 This lovely comment came to us from Cyndie Mitchell during the last

Festival Madness – Championship

And so we’ve come to the final stretch of Festival Madness. This week has seen a whirlwind of activity. There have been clear cut winners in each round and a few intense showdowns (we’re looking at you Trappers’ Fest and Fire & Water). And we’ve seen two out-of-nowhere contenders emerge from the

Festival Madness – Final Four

Stop the presses! We have a four way Cinderella story happening here! Problem is, the Fairy Godmother only has one pair of Festival Madness glass slippers to give, which means the next round of voting is going to be intense. After yesterday’s vote, the lumberjacks of Trappers’ bested the Cossacks of

Festival Madness – Elite Eight

The first few days of Festival Madness saw all types of results. Who would have thought we’d say goodbye to Folklorama and Folk Fest so soon, or that the toughest matchup would be between the vikings of Icelandic Fest and the fur traders of Trappers’? (Actually, no one. Both are tough, gritty and

Festival Madness – Sweet Sixteen

Well, the first round of voting in Festival Madness saw a lot of ups and downs… The Corn & Apple, Fringe and Voyageur easily won their pairings, but there were many others in tight races right until the bitter end. The Icelandic saw defeat on a last minute MUSH! by those feisty Trappers, the

Festival Madness – First round

You know them, you love them, you sometimes wonder how in the world are you going to find time to fit them all in. And now you can vote for them. Welcome to Festival Madness! Where 32 of Manitoba’s unique festivals party it out to be named “Fave Fest.” Over the next week, vote and tell us which ones