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6 places to say namaste in Manitoba

There’s no posturing in Manitoba – or is there? From hot yoga to sun salutations by a cool lake, Manitoba is reinventing itself as a yoga capital. Find your inner zen at a studio, a lodge or a festival this summer. Here are 6 places in Manitoba to say namaste… Yoga Public 280 Fort

34 ways we win winter

Baby, it’s snowing outside. Oh winter, you lovely beast, you whirl and swirl into our lives in a flurry. One day the streets are bare and dreary, the next, we are walking in a snowy paradise. Here are 34 winter pics that show when the days get colder, our hearts grow warmer… Winter’s here! You

10 steps to clear your mind at Falcon Trails Resort

My summer was jam packed – we did our first ever family camping trip in Minnedosa, an epic train-taking, beluga-watching, dog-carting trip to Churchill, plus trips to the beach, the lake, the farmers’ market, the pool, the park, etc, etc, etc…So as the summer slipped into fall and I got the chance