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The #exploremb challenge Week 12 finalists!

Well, our summer challenge is a wrap! We’ve had the best time over the last three months seeing and sharing your summer moments. From thrilling wildlife encounters to stark architectural scenes to just sitting back and loving lake life, you showed us how unique and spectacular Manitoba is. Thank you

The #exploremb challenge Week 11 finalists!

Pass the s’mores! Last week you showed us how you do rugged in a province that boasts over 100,000 lakes. Hint: It’s not particularly hard. You know what IS hard? Trying to pick the best #exploremb camping pics from all the adventurous ones you posted! It’s enough to drive a person to…grab their

The #exploremb challenge Week 10 finalists!

Architecture should speak of its time and place, but yearn for timelessness. ~ Frank Gehry Whether it’s an old grain elevator that’s seen better days or a new architectural masterpiece that makes a big statement to the skyline, last week you showed us how timeless our most beloved buildings are. The

The #exploremb challenge Week nine finalists!

Nom nom nom · exclamation · Used to express pleasure at eating, or at the prospect of eating, delicious food. That saying was top-of-mind last week as we watched the foodie pics roll in from our Instagram community. We drooled as the #exploremb feed started featuring plate-lickingly scrumptious

The #exploremb challenge Week eight finalists!

Just keep paddling, just keep paddling. This week, we saw Manitoba from atop the water as our community showed off their best and most exciting (and often, most relaxing) paddling rendezvous. Kayaks skimmed across still, smooth lakes while canoes ripped through river rapids. The three finalists for

The #exploremb challenge Week seven finalists!

It’s all coming up sunflowers in Manitoba! Fields upon fields of those yellow and green beauties were all over last week’s #exploremb feed. We also saw lovely sunsets, kicking colts and lots and lots of people wading (and waving) through the wheat. The three finalists for the 🌾 Heartland 🌾

The #exploremb challenge Week six finalists!

Manitoba’s unique buildings and culturally diverse citizens took centre stage last week for our Instagram challenge. It was lovely to see so many posts feature the friendly and proud faces who make our cultural gatherings some of the best in the world. And the love you shared for our old structures

The #exploremb challenge Week five finalists!

East. West. North. Interlake. Last week you showed us that there’s not a place in Manitoba where you can’t embrace lake life. We loved seeing photos of how you enjoy the dog days of summer at the lake, even if we were super jealous looking at them from the office. The three finalists for the ❤️

The #exploremb challenge Week four finalists!

What a HOT week to experience city living in the summer! Even though the heat beamed down on this place like a hammer, you all showed us how to keep it cool while enjoying the best our cities and towns have to offer. Hint: lots of it included the Fringe Festival and water. Sweet, sweet refreshing

The #exploremb challenge Week three finalists!

Our wildlife challenge left us howling in glee. We knew you would post Manitoba’s biggies: polar bears, moose, wolves and belugas, but we never imagined you would show us so much of the small: squirrels, frogs, dragonflies and fishflies?! Yes, there were fishflies on the feed. It was wonderful to