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Drive In Madness: Cedar & Main wins it all!

March 29 will forever be remembered as a bittersweet day: the day when we said goodbye to The Kiln (who fought hard and true to the very end) but also when we declared Cedar & Main as the WINNER OF DRIVE IN MADNESS! 🎉🎉 The prize includes bragging rights and a custom plaque for display in the

Drive In Madness: championship round

If any friendships were lost during last night's intense voting battle, a visit to one of these CHAMPIONSHIP ROUND drive ins may be just the ticket on the path to forgiving and forgetting. We now must say goodbye to the wildly popular Half Moon Drive In and to the incredibly resilient Beach Hut.

Drive In Madness: final four

This is it: the semi-final round in Drive In Madness! Last night's round had us on the edge of our picnic table seat as Cedar & Main just narrowly surpassed the famed Dutch Drive In with 50.6% of the vote! Before we say goodbye, did you know that the Dutch Drive In is one of the few drive ins left

Drive In Madness: elite eight

After a pleasant weekend of basking in the beautiful spring weather and campaigning for the best drive ins of Manitoba, let's take a moment to remember those who we have lost in the sweet sixteen round of Drive In Madness. These drive ins gave it all they had, but alas could not make it into the

Drive In Madness: sweet sixteen

Whew, round 1 was a messy battle of burgers and buns, but we made it to the Sweet Sixteen round of Drive In Madness! In the Ketchup Division, Lickity-Splits Drive In made like its name and ran lickity-split out of the competition. Cedar & Main crushed Tastee's cone (so tragic) while Dutch Drive

Drive In Madness: round one

Hot diggity dog, it's time for another year of MADNESS as we pit the best of Manitoba attractions against one another in an epic voting battle! Now in our 5th year, let's recap on previous Madness winners: Roadside Madness: Flintabbatey Flonatin Festival Madness: Fire & Water Festival Provincial