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6 spooky spots to explore in Manitoba

Manitoba is home to some of the oldest buildings in Western Canada. Prince of Wales Fort near Churchill is the oldest still-standing establishment in the province, built in the early 1700s, with Lower Fort Garry following close behind. Though our historic buildings may not seem old compared to

4 Winnipeg museums you’ll want to make your home sweet home

If you have a love for visiting open houses, then we suggest visiting these four Winnipeg museums. While they are not for sale, they represent some of the city’s best preserved historic homes, complete with period features that will make you want to move right in. So take a look at these real estate listings to figure out which museum to visit first – the price of admission is way less than a down payment.

Dalnavert Museum: Clues to our past

There is no mystery here: the Dalnavert Museum, the former home of a prominent Winnipeg family built in 1895, is a dramatic and striking restoration. Saved from a sure demise by the Manitoba Historical Society in 1969, the house and its

Summer city escape

It’s the height of summer and everyone in the city is escaping. To the beach. To the lake. We take the opposite approach and head directly into the heart of the city with a weekend escape at the Delta Winnipeg Hotel. No wrangling kids at the lake. No packing snacks, sunscreen and shovels for the

Historic sites that delight

There are 57 National Historic Sites and over 140 Provincial Heritage Sites in Manitoba. While each has its own important story worth discovering, here are eight sites to explore. 1. Dalnavert Museum This beautiful example of the Queen Anne Revival style was the home of Hugh Jon Macdonald, the 8 th