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9 vehicles for viewing polar bears

There’s more than one way to see a polar bear. In fact, you’ll probably be surprised by just how many options are available. If encountering a polar bear in Churchill – at very a safe distance, of course – is one of those things on your bucket list of activities, here are nine vehicles that will get

Mind-blowing moments from my Churchill summer safari

“Welcome to Churchill. Either you’ll get it, and I won’t have to explain it to you. Or you don’t get it, and I’m not going to bother explaining it to you.” Our Lazy Bear Expeditions guide Jason – a goateed, sun/wind-kissed wildlife photographer – is an affable straight shooter who sets our

Fly away to northern Manitoba this summer

Header photo by Gage Fletcher Thinking about a once-in-a-lifetime vacation that takes you off the beaten path? Point your compass north to explore some of Manitoba’s greatest northern destinations. A flight with Calm Air means you can spend less time travelling and more time exploring these gems.

36 amazing facts about polar bears

Did you know that polar bears are actually black? Or that they can eat 100 pounds of blubber in just one sitting? Not just stars in Coca Cola commercials , polar bears are fascinating creatures; it’s no wonder they’re known as the ‘Lord of the Arctic’ in some parts of the world. These 1500 pound

Journey north: The ultimate polar bear packing list

So you’re going to Churchill. You’ve waited your whole life for this. You’ve researched the bears, the hotel, the food, the tours, and you are all ready to go. Except, what do you bring? How cold will it be? This is northern Canada after all. We’ve put together this handy guide on what to pack to

Snow White and the Seven Polar Bears

Travel Manitoba staff were very fortunate this past month to be in Churchill to witness the polar bear’s annual migration back to Hudson Bay. We were awestruck seeing the largest land predators in the wild. All the while knowing polar bears are fierce, we noted the hilarious sides of their