10 idées pour faire impression à votre amour pour la Saint-Valentin

Aujourd’hui, nous fêtons le jour où la flèche de Cupidon perce le cœur et nous sommes chargés de raconter de toutes choses sentimentales. C’est un fait : la ville de Winnipeg est connue comme l’une des villes les plus sentimentales au Canada, nous osons dire que la province du Manitoba est l’endroit

Manitoba and the Chocolate Factory

There are few things that evoke a universal reaction of love like chocolate. Books have been written, movies have been made, empires have fallen (I assume) all in humble reverence to the tasty and delicious cocoa bean. It’s been said a bite of chocolate mimics the sensation of falling in love and

Love local this Valentine’s Day

Forget about roses flown in from Ecuador or chocolates churned out in Switzerland, this Valentine’s Day, treat that special person in your life to a local product that says just how much you love them – and Manitoba. So smooth If you think the full bodied flavour of your

8 scrumptious spots for sweets on Valentine’s Day 🌹

I’ll just say it. I love chocolate. You love chocolate. We should all love chocolate! Chocolate can be enjoyed in many delicious forms (even body wrap , but I’m not sure if that’s actually edible) and it’s a surefire way to any rational person’s heart. Which is why on Valentine’s Day, I suggest

Golden Boy goes chocolate

The Golden Boy stands proudly atop Manitoba’s Legislative Building, facing north in an eternal pursuit of a more prosperous tomorrow. And now you can bite his head off. Local chocolate maker Constance Menzies and her team at Chocolatier Constance Popp teamed up with artist Denis Duguay to reproduce