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Stories for Hope at the Canadian Museum for Human Rights

Along the way through your visit to the Canadian Museum for Human Rights , there are inspiring stories of courage, heroism and hope that brighten your journey. Here are a few of those stories — visit the Museum to see how they end and to find even more stories for hope. Visit the Canadian Museum for

Out for a weekend in Winnipeg

Road trips in the family minivan were a staple of my childhood. While we might not have the minivan, my girlfriend and I figured it was about time we made some family memories of our own—so we packed up her four-year-old daughter Lily and an alarming amount of luggage (how can such a small child

Manitoba celebrates Canada 150

In case you haven’t heard: 2017 is Canada’s sesquicentennial. That’s fancy talk for the 150th anniversary of Confederation. Across the nation many special events, celebrations, new attractions and initiatives are popping-up all in the name of generating Canadian pride. Ottawa, the capital region,

A date with culture

You’ve seen Culture across the room. Usually hanging out with Arts, but always looking good. You’re kind of interested in Culture, but you’re not really sure it’s your type. Instead on swiping right on the same old, now is the time to give Culture a chance. Culture is different The thing with

Alex in Wanderland, meet Winnipeg

There’s a certain level of pride that comes with showing someone your home city. You already love your city, and you hope they will too. Such was the case when we invited travel blogger Alex in Wanderland from New York for a tour of Winnipeg. We were like proud parents to see Alex become smitten

Take a virtual reality trip to inspiration

Experience the sights and sounds of a Mayan marketplace in Guatemala by taking a virtual reality trip at the Canadian Museum for Human Rights . A fascinating new exhibition uses virtual reality technology and vibrant folk-art objects to tell stories of women who are weaving, beading and sewing their