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Sunshine and surprises in Morden

The absolute best road trips require a healthy dose of curiosity and at least one fun, easy-going travel buddy (or more!). No matter if the drive is long or short, I fully believe those are the only two elements required for a road trip to be crazy-good and forever-memorable. A recent weekend trek

Indiana Jones for the day

Meet thousands of frenzied snakes, decipher ancient writing on rock walls, dig for fossils and venture into cavernous depths. Manitoba’s natural wonders match any adventure had by film hero and archaeologist Indiana Jones. World’s largest snake pits Located between the towns of Narcisse and Inwood,

Monster Jam-tastic tour of Manitoba

I had the chance to take my family to see Monster Jam for an afternoon of roaring good fun. But it got me thinking, as Monster Jam goes city to city thrilling crowds along the way do the trucks ever get the chance to venture out of the arena and explore the places they visit? So in case the monster

Why our heart beats for Manitoba

Introducing “Why our heart beats for Manitoba,” a new series where we feature some of our friendly staff’s favourite stories and travel adventures. For the first edition, Cathy takes us to the edge of the arctic while Brett shows off his love for the Whiteshell, Breanne rediscovers nature in the

A midsummer GOOTB dream

What do you get when you combine an amazing group of teenagers with the sights and sounds of Manitoba? A whole lot of creativity. Introducing the future travel bloggers, journalists and videographers of Manitoba: Get out of the Basement! With the objective of seeing all Manitoba has to offer, GOOTB

Movie mosasaurs vs. Morden’s mosasaurs

Not sure if you’ve heard, but there’s this new movie out called Jurassic World and it seems to be a wee-bit popular. Like already made a billion dollars worldwide popular! Yes, one billion dollars. Now, it could be that hunky Chris Pratt bringing the people to the theatres, but I kinda think it’s

I’m digging it!

As a kid I had aspirations to be both a geologist and an archaeologist, so when I had the chance to go on a fossil dig at the Canadian Fossil Discovery Centre in Morden, I jumped on it. My 12 year-old self was pumped! And my present-day self – now the mother of a dinosaur-crazed three-year-old – was

Manitoba: then vs. now

From festivals to fossil digs, Manitoba is a place where the past and present intermingle. For history fanatics, cultural buffs and explorers of all kinds, the province offers an exciting variety of immersive experiences to take you from days past to celebrations and activities of people living

Project Prehistoric Predator

UPDATE: And the WINNER is… Dinosaur News by Sydney McCallum! The news has never been so fun and interesting. Thank you to everyone who participated and sent in videos. We hope you can get out to Morden this summer to see all the cool fossils at the CFDC. THIS CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED. Project