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Journey to Churchill in the heart of Winnipeg

Header photo by Ben Jaworsky What better way could there be to welcome the weekend than with a family trip to somewhere fascinating! Luckily, if family time is foremost on your mind and you’re looking for the perfect weekend getaway, Winnipeg has one of the best attractions that’s not only fitting

Out for a weekend in Winnipeg

Road trips in the family minivan were a staple of my childhood. While we might not have the minivan, my girlfriend and I figured it was about time we made some family memories of our own—so we packed up her four-year-old daughter Lily and an alarming amount of luggage (how can such a small child

Alex in Wanderland, meet Winnipeg

There’s a certain level of pride that comes with showing someone your home city. You already love your city, and you hope they will too. Such was the case when we invited travel blogger Alex in Wanderland from New York for a tour of Winnipeg. We were like proud parents to see Alex become smitten

How to study for your O.W.Ls in Manitoba ✨

If you are age 11 and up, you have surely received your letter to Hogwarts by now and are ready to start your Wizarding education. You may already be a pro at Muggle Studies, but every fifth year student must take the O.W.Ls, or Ordinary Wizarding Levels. These subject-specific tests allow you to

#ExploreMB: The best of June

Our amazing community and ambassadors didn’t waste any time diving into summer (often, literally). The Assiniboine Park Zoo bustled with visitors who stood in awe under the incredible tunnels of the Journey to Churchill exhibit. Winnipeg’s ice cream shops had a rush of customers in line for sweet

This summer…experience Winnipeg’s wildest attraction

Nestled in the heart of the city, Assiniboine Park Zoo is Winnipeg’s premier destination for amazing animal encounters and wild adventures. Located in beautiful Assiniboine Park, at the Zoo you can encounter animal species from all corners of the globe, including tigers, red pandas, camels, snow