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We know how to make a scene

Step into our galleries, halls and exhibits to find expressions both personal and profound. Become a part of our past, our present and our future. If the arts are what move you, our soul is on display. Everywhere around you, ideas and inspiration are transformed. Into music, art and beauty. A close

Spotlight on: Kal Barteski

We all agree: polar bears are often ferocious, sometimes adorable, and always majestic. But to Kal Barteski, they are also a work of art, acting as her muse and living, walking inspiration. Known for her script, typography and breathtaking polar bear paintings, Kal Barteski might just be their

The 4 hearts of Cavalia’s Odysseo

Was it all just a dream? Cavalia’s Odysseo is a place where horses run free across still lakes and where the landscape swells and transforms with each changing melody. Enchantment, magic and myth become reality as soon as you step into the big top, and the best way to enter the whimsical world of

10 dances to watch for at the Manito Ahbee International Pow Wow

Prairie Pow Wows have taken the continent by storm; the growing popularity of which comes to fruition at the Manito Ahbee Festival, May 17 to 21. Here, nations from across North America gather to share in Indigenous culture, celebrate the Creator and honour the seven sacred teachings. The

Spotlight on: Matthew Bailey

From visitors to locals, we’re putting the spotlight on individuals who share a unique and positive perspective on our province. Fellow Canadian and Travel Blogger Matthew Bailey set his sights on Manitoba for a full summer – a very full summer. Full of lakes, relaxing getaways, exhilarating

A midsummer GOOTB dream

What do you get when you combine an amazing group of teenagers with the sights and sounds of Manitoba? A whole lot of creativity. Introducing the future travel bloggers, journalists and videographers of Manitoba: Get out of the Basement! With the objective of seeing all Manitoba has to offer, GOOTB

The #exploremb challenge Week six finalists!

Manitoba’s unique buildings and culturally diverse citizens took centre stage last week for our Instagram challenge. It was lovely to see so many posts feature the friendly and proud faces who make our cultural gatherings some of the best in the world. And the love you shared for our old structures

See it all at Folklorama

Heralded as one of the best festivals in Winnipeg, Folklorama is the largest multicultural event of its kind in the world. Have you ever wanted to travel to Croatia? How about Ireland, Germany or the Caribbean? For 14 days in August, Folklorama offers just a small taste (but oh, such a good one) of