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Mind-blowing moments from my Churchill summer safari

“Welcome to Churchill. Either you’ll get it, and I won’t have to explain it to you. Or you don’t get it, and I’m not going to bother explaining it to you.” Our Lazy Bear Expeditions guide Jason – a goateed, sun/wind-kissed wildlife photographer – is an affable straight shooter who sets our

Uncovering Winnipeg’s vibrant arts scene

To know us, we are creative, passionate, resourceful. While some arts events only come around annually, these ongoing arts initiatives in Winnipeg, Manitoba will inspire all year long. The HUB + Events by Culture Card Part networking event, part arts extravaganza, The HUB’s mission is twofold.

Master Explorer: Dr. Frank Albo

Master Explorer is a regular series profiling adventurous locals who are inspired by Manitoba and create something unique. Their creations then fuel others to explore and embrace the province. This month’s Master Explorer is Dr. Frank Albo, the brain behind the mind-blowing architectural tour of the

A date with culture

You’ve seen Culture across the room. Usually hanging out with Arts, but always looking good. You’re kind of interested in Culture, but you’re not really sure it’s your type. Instead on swiping right on the same old, now is the time to give Culture a chance. Culture is different The thing with

Come party with us

Manitoba’s events and community celebrations are know for their immersive, authentic and joyous experiences. Here you will discover a large bounty of culture, kindness and generosity. Come join us and you’ll see that there’s just something about this place that will move you… Something that makes

The BIG list of FREE

We love free stuff in Manitoba. Like, really love it. Being thrifty is our thing. We’re good at it. So much so that we have plenty of free events and attractions to show for it. So put your wallet away, for here’s a nice big list of stuff you can do when you need a budget-friendly day out. Because

Immerse yourself in our culture

A fiesta is just two blocks over. A carnival down the street. People from all corners and all walks of life quickly become neighbours. Family. Friends. You’ll find something here to move you and make you feel alive. To see us, we are diverse. To know us, we are enthusiasts, admirers, fans.