DYK: Manitoba is certainly on Santa’s nice list. That’s right, the man in red likes us, and we like him too – so much so, that we’d like to cordially invite him to make the big move to Manitoba. The North Pole is nice and all, but Manitoba has all the amenities that would make ol St. Nick tickled pink. Here’s why Santa Claus should live in Manitoba…

We have plenty of snow ❄️

Santa Claus and snow go together like white on rice, or in this case, white on absolutely everything. Every year, Manitoba curls up for a long winter’s nap under a blanket of snow, which means there’s plenty of time for snowmobiling, sledding, cross country skiing and of course, skating. These activities are perfect for Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus during the off-season, whether they choose to go north, south, east or west. And if Santa needs some rest and relaxation after all that fun (not to mention an entire night of delivering gifts), a warm up at Thermëa Spa is all that’s needed. And, I know what you’re thinking: but what about our hot, sunny summers? Well, Santa could do with a tan. That’s all I’ll say.

We have Christmas spirit 🎄

There’s nothing like being home for the holidays, especially when your home is in Manitoba. We have dreamy white Christmases that twinkle with bright lights and festivities. We busy ourselves with holiday craft sales, Nutcracker ballets and live nativity scenes. Just another reason why Santa always puts us on his nice list.

We have reindeer (or polar bears)✨

We don’t see why polar bears wouldn’t be suitable to pull Santa’s sleigh. They’ve got the brute force and certainly enough different personalities to base a song or two off of. Our awesome dogsledding teams would also get the job done right (and with epic enthusiasm). But if Santa is insistent on keeping his beloved reindeer in tow – we have some candidates north of the 53 for him to consider. Our caribou (reindeer) exist in fifteen Boreal ranges across Manitoba – so all that we ask is that Santa returns them after a night of gift giving.

We have toy stores aplenty 🎁

When elves go on strike or are otherwise swamped for the holidays, they of course have to turn to local toy shops to supply much-needed toys for everyone on Santa’s list. We have two in mind that would particularly helpful in this scenario. Toad Hall Toys in Winnipeg’s Exchange District has an old world charm that brings the inner kid out of anyone who steps through the doors. There are toys you won’t see anywhere else, like beautiful crafted handmade doll houses, train sets and plenty of mystifying magic trick sets. Kite and Kaboodle in the Johnston Terminal at The Forks is just as silly and fun as it sounds, filled with puzzles, lego sets and board games.

We have yummy cookies and sweets 🍪

Imperial, shortbread, ginger galore. You need never go far for something sweet in Manitoba – and Santa certainly likes a cookie or two before (and during) his big trip around the world on Christmas Eve. There are countless bakeries and eateries to satiate your sweet tooth, but just to name a few: the Pennyloaf Bakery, Lilac Bakery, Cake-ology and Sweet Impressions come highly recommended by sugar aficionados.