What does your beluga viewing style say about you? Are you family-oriented, adventurous or immersive? Maybe you prefer to see the full picture, while others like to be more immersed. In Churchill, there’s an abundance of ways to get to know the canaries of the sea on a summer arctic safari…


Watching beluga whales from a zodiac boat in Churchill.

Available with: Sea North Tours, Frontiers North and Churchill Wild
You are: Adrenaline seeker who’s not afraid to be at the centre of the action

A zodiac tour is ideal for photographers, videographers and wildlife lovers who prefer not to get in the water. Zodiacs are inflatable, durable boats well suited to the ocean. Operated by experienced river pilots, seeing belugas from zodiac gets you closer than on a passenger boat.

Passenger Boat

Available with: Sea North Tours, Lazy Bear Expeditions
You are: Relaxed and family oriented

If you have a large group or small children, consider an excursion on a larger passenger boat. Float alongside hoards of belugas as your guide gives you the what’s what on the friendly whales. And if you’re curious as to what’s going on under the sea, listen into the conversations of the whales with hydrophones.


Available with Hudson Bay Helicopters
You are: A strategic thinker who likes to see the big picture

If you’re not a fan of the sea, take to the sky. Hudson Bay Helicopters has been operating out of Churchill for 25 years, offering sightseeing tours from the sky to see the stunning subarctic tundra and wildlife. Fly along the coast to see beluga whales as they feed their calves in the Churchill River before departing in Early August.


Available with: Churchill Wild, Sea North Tours, Frontiers North, Lazy Bear Expeditions
You are: Energetic, easy going with a joy of observing nature

Suited for paddlers of any level, this once-in-a-lifetime excursion takes you onto the calm waters of the Churchill River. Float the day away on a kayak as curious beluga whales play in the surrounding waters. You will be amazed by how the whales interact with your kayak and paddle!


Available with: Sea North Tours
You are: Free spirit with a knack for trying new things

The newest addition to beluga viewing is stand up paddle boarding with Sea North Tours. Don’t be afraid to jump into for a swim if you lose balance: Sea North provides top-of-the-line wet suits in case you end up alongside the whales. Tours depart during low tide to ensure smooth waters.