Baby, it’s snowing outside. Oh winter, you lovely beast, you whirl and swirl into our lives in a flurry. One day the streets are bare and dreary, the next, we are walking in a snowy paradise. Here are 34 winter pics that show when the days get colder, our hearts grow warmer…

Winter’s here! You cannot hide from it.

Nor would you want to.

So grab a chair, these pics are gonna floor you.

Preferably a Parks Canada Red Chair.

Because we own winter! 🙌

Bring it, indeed!

Our corner of the world is currently covered in crystal white magic, ❄️

No, Elsa, that’s not Disney’s Frozen, that’s Birds Hill Park!

And cold hard ice,

Keep clear of the cracks. They’ll break your mother’s back. Or so I’ve heard.

Which makes us jump for joy, 💯

Oh yeah, WINTER! It’s easy to bust out the chest bumps when you’re at Falcon Ridge Ski Slopes.

Because it’s mush hour in Manitoba, 🐕

Who let the dog’s out? We did! Just try to keep ’em inside when the snow’s flying. Impossible.

And we seriously 💙 winter here.

It’s a sprightly place to steal a quick kiss, 💋

Spelling out love and stealing kisses on the Red River Mutual Trail.

While you glide down the world’s longest skating trail.

That’s no joke! The Red River Mutual Trail is the Guinness World Record-holding longest naturally frozen skating trail in the world.

It’s a lovely place to enjoy with a dear friend,

Woah, that’s a lot of deer friends!

Do we need deer crossing signs on the river now?

Even the geese don’t want to leave this place.

A balmy day for a dip at Assiniboine Park. These geese are really pushing the limits of appropriate swimming weather.

The snow leopards want to cuddle up, ⛄️

Kitties love snowmen! Most of the animals in Assiniboine Park are all about the winter scene.

And a certain holly-jolly fella 🎅 makes his presence felt.

Our land might be awash in white, but you’ll still find pops of colour in the country,

"the earth has music for those who listen." -Shakesphere

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Barn red is the perfect colour compliment to winter white.

And in the city,

Yellow + snow = …a gorgeous shot! That big building in the background is our majestic Manitoba Legislative Building — an architectural wonder.

And sometimes we go full-on colour overload.

These lovely ladies are chillaxing in one of the many warming huts that sit along the Red River Mutual Trail.

Here, you can walk among the frosty giants,

Mom with some wintry giants, exploring Grayling lake

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These beauties are found near Grayling Lake in Riding Mountain National Park. The park has 18 groomed trails in winter.

Forge new scenic drives,

This is winter weekend transportation for many Manitobans. We have over 12,000 kilometres of groomed trails in the province. 

Trek a fresh path,

snowshoeing season is coming ⛄

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Snowshoes, fresh powder and FortWhyte Alive make for an unforgettable day.

Ski the slopes, 🏂

Yeah, we got ski hills, our land is not completely flat.

Or bike all year.

Ours is the best place to make ice memories,

Because the fishing never stops,

Hockey is everywhere,

#winnipeg #winter #theforks #hockey #manitoba #canada

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Playing shinny on the river…it doesn’t get more Canadian than this.

And twirling is the absolute best.

Pond skating, anyone?

We wear our boots to bake,

Nothing’s better than baking bannock at Oak Hammock.

Smile as we curl the maple taffy,

Believe me, you’ll smile as big as this kid when you make your own maple taffy in the Sugar Shack at Festival du Voyageur.

Sip beverages over ice, literally, 🍸

Would you believe me if I told you this guy was serving drinks in a pop-up restaurant on the frozen river? You should. It’s called RAW:almond and it. Is. Magnificent!

And sometimes dine al fresco. Our winter whimsy never ceases.

Winter picnic, anyone?

At the end of a frosty day, get inside, get cozy,

Can you hear the crackling fire? Can you smell that hot chocolate? The cabins of Falcon Trails Resort sit within the winter wonderland that is the Whiteshell

And say “Calgon, take me away.”

You’re now ready to drift off into la la land dreaming about your next winter adventure.


Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful winter. If you have a favourite winter moment, let us know in the comments!