And believe me, you really want to go in summer. The sun rises early and burns long and bright over a tundra landscape teeming with vivid colours much like a Van Gogh painting. Find your way here and you could spy polar bears relaxing in fireweed, bask under the glow of a long-burning sunsetsmile in wonder at dancing auroras or befriend a bevy of birds. But the true superstar of the season is the sweetest sea mammal around: the beluga whale.

Churchill is where you’ll find the best beluga whale watching spot in the world and one of the few places to get close to them in their natural habitat. These videos will show how you can get closer to them than you ever thought possible…

You don’t chase them, they chase you.

You will have plenty of “OMG!!!” moments.

Especially when the babies show up.

Don’t take your eyes off the paddle…

…try to keep up…

…and always smile back.

Our belugas will make you want to linger long after the sun goes down.

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There’s even a Beluga cam so you can watch them in real-time!

Still not convinced Churchill’s amazing? Let’s add a swimming polar bear to the mix.

This place really never ceases to amaze.

Pretty cool, eh? An added bonus is that the people of Churchill are just as friendly as the whales. To find out more about going on a Summer Northern Safari in Manitoba, visit Everything Churchill.

Hope to see you on the water soon!

Belugas swimming in Churchill

Source: Travel For Wildlife.