What happens when you show an exceptionally talented international photographer your home? You begin to see its beauty through fresh eyes. Instagrammer Maximilian Münch (@muenchmax) traveled all the way from Germany to experience Manitoba and explore its depths through his lens. I had the pleasure of hosting him in Winnipeg and Eastern Manitoba before he ventured north to see those big beasts of Churchill. No, not the apple fritters from Gypsy’s, but the mighty polar bear.

muenchmaxWe spent two hectic days chasing the light, which in case you didn’t know, we have A LOT of in summer! Getting up at 4:00 a.m. to catch a sunrise at Old Pinawa Dam and staying up way past 10:00 p.m. for a Victoria Beach sunset will attest to that. In between those long stretches of time, we paddled the Pinawa channel with Wild Harmony Canoe Adventures, toured the Whiteshell and relaxed at Grand Beach. And that was only day one! Our next day wasn’t as crazy, we stuck around Winnipeg and explored two architectural icons: the Legislative Building and Canadian Museum for Human Rights.

One of the most interesting tidbits I learned from Max on our two-day jaunt was that his Instagram photos follow a continuous line. Can you spot the line in the above screenshot? Once you do, you will be even more amazed at what a special talent Max is. You will also become addicted to finding that line in each new snap.

Here are a few of the stunning scenes Max captured during his visit:

Sunrise at Old Pinawa Dam

Sunrise at Pinawa Dam by Maximilian Münch.

Sunrise at Pinawa Dam by Maximilian Münch.

Paddling the Pinawa channel

Paddling PInawa Channel by Maximilian Münch.

Sunset at Victoria Beach

Sunset at Victoria Beach by Maximilian Münch.

Sunset at Victoria Beach by Maximilian Münch.

Sunset at Victoria Beach by Maximilian Münch.

Manitoba Legislative Building

Manitoba Legislative Building by Maximilian Münch.

Canadian Museum for Human Rights

CMHR by Maximilian Münch.

CMHR ramps by Maximilian Münch.

CMHR at sunset by Maximilian Münch.

Winnipeg at night

Photo by Maximilian Münch.

Summertime in Churchill

Sunrise in Churchill by Maximilian Münch.

Miss Piggy by Maximilian Münch.

Grey Jay in flight by Maximilian Münch.

Ithaca shipwreck by Maximilian Münch.

Polar bear and cub by Maximilian Münch.