There’s a chill in the air, the evenings are getting shorter, and the leaves covering the lawns are changing from gold to bleary brown. Coupled with the sudden influx of flyers for costume shops and candy discounts, it can only mean one thing: Halloween is right around the corner!

Here is our eerie itinerary of twisted traditions and freaky fun. We recommend you check ahead for open hours.

Haunted forests, mazes and barns

Six Pines Haunted Attractions
Night time: Oct 21, 22, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31 | Day time: Oct 22, 23, 29, 30 | Six Pines, Winnipeg

Get your fear on at Six Pines Haunted Attractions! This annual haunt has grown for years into an interactive experience for families offering trick-or-treat fun with a variety of spook-tacular events for boys and ghouls of all ages. To scare yourself silly, visit the Twisted Barn of Doom, The Hood ~ A Red Riding Hood Fairy Tale Gone Bad, and carnEvil – Fear the clowns. (Ugh, clowns.)

Note: During the day, Six Pines is a family fun freak show, but at night it turns into an R-rated fright fest for adults only.

Haunted Forest
October October 21, 22, 23, 27, 28, 29, 30 | A Maze in Corn, St. Adolphe

Getting lost in a corn maze is already a can’t fail fall tradition, but A Maze in Corn kicks things up a notch with their Haunted Forest. Those brave enough to venture into the woods at night will want to leave a trail of breadcrumbs — we’re told the forest comes alive with macabre monsters who can’t wait to feast on your screams. And even if you’re there for a daytime visit, you can still enjoy the nearby pumpkin patch, petting zoo and zip-line tours.

Murray’s Halloween Maze
Boonstra Farms, Stonewall

More maze-related fun — this time just north of Winnipeg — where Murray’s labyrinth includes visits to the Tower of Terror. During the day, there’s also a petting zoo and hayrides — not to mention a rather ominous sounding Black Hole.

Terror on 12
October 21, 22, 23, 28, 29, 30 | Anola

Prepare yourself for an unforgettably hair raising Terror On 12 experience! It’s time to put your courage to the test with new and unexpected twists and freakishly frightening features as you attempt to make your way across the haunted estate for an interactive ghostly adventure. Should you succeed, treat yourself to hot drinks and food on site.

Grim Acres
October 28 to 30 | Between Brandon and Kemnay

With the goal of ‘scaring away cancer’, Grim Acres is a spooky haunted attraction with 100% of the proceeds going to the Canadian Cancer Society. Work together to escape The Butcher of Grim Escape Room, or enter the Beyond Darkness haunted barn. If you still haven’t had enough, enter the acreage haunt and explore a haunted home with different theme rooms.

Ghostly tours

Haunted Winnipeg vigils and tours
Square Peg Tours, Winnipeg

Hop on the haunted bus to see some of Winnipeg’s scariest spots on a Haunted Winnipeg Tour. These tours include visits to the Dalnavert Museum, the Exchange District, the Fort Garry Hotel and other spooky sites. Sign up before it’s too late and join in on the most unique paranormal tours in Canada where you will not only hear of ghost tales but also try your hand at communicating with the dead. Be warned, these tours are not for the faint-of-heart.

Howlin’ Halloween Express or Igor’s Spooktacular Brunch
October 29, 30 | Prairie Dog Central Railway, Winnipeg

All aboard for a family friendly Howlin’ Halloween Express or Igor’s Spooktacular Brunch train ride! Keep your eyes peeled for Igor as he makes his way through the coaches choosing his favourite costumes and awarding prizes and goodies.

Mysterious museums

Ghost Walk
October 22 | Fort la Reine Museum, Portage la Prairie

Haunting spirits, creeping zombies and cawing ravens will keep you company as you trick or treat on a Ghost Walk through the candlelit Sleepy Hollow Museum Village. At this one day event, you’re invited to dress up in ghostly garb, walk through the Living Dead Forbidden Forest, gather around the cauldron or meet the spooky villagers.

Obsessed: Victorians and the Macabre
October 27-30 | Dalnavert Museum, Winnipeg

This once-a-year unique experience will allow you to wander the 1895 Victorian home by candlelight, and find out why the Victorians were so consumed by the paranormal. Stories will be shared on the Victorian’s scariest nightmares and the traditions create in order to keep spirits out of the human realm.

Halloween Haunt
October 21, 22, 27, 28, 29 & 30 | Marine Museum of Manitoba, Selkirk

It’s terror on the high seas 30 minutes north of Winnipeg, where the Halloween Haunt gives you a chance to explore the decks of a bona fide ghost ship. The M.S. Lady Canadian is recommended for those who spook easily, while the S.S. Keenora boasts ghoulish beasties around every corner. (It looks horrifically frightening.)

Halloween Howl
October 29 | Children’s Museum, Winnipeg

Trick-or-treat around the Museum’s ghastly galleries, participate in spooktacular activities, try out a few ghoulish crafts, and enjoy fangtastic family entertainment.

Spooktacular Skies
October 23, 25, 27, 30 | Royal Aviation Museum of Western Canada

Join the Spooktacular Skies tour and see haunted airplanes, unidentified flying objects and the unfortunate final flights made by some of the aircraft in their collection.

Spine-chilling stages

Dracula at the Royal Winnipeg Ballet

Photo by Rejean Brandt

Oct 26 to 30 | Centennial Concert Hall

What better way to celebrate Halloween than with a blood-thirsty ballet? The classic tale of Dracula returns to the Royal Winnipeg Ballet for the 77th season opener. Dress up in your favourite Halloween costume and be entered to win a walk-on roll in the RWB’s Nutcracker, as well as two tickets into the show.

Halloween: Spirit and Spooks
Oct 30 | Young United Church

Bop along to familiar seasonal tunes and spooky choral/theremin collaborations at the musical Halloween: Spirit and Spooks event, featuring Winnipeg Singers and guest artist Keri Latimer. Fingers crossed that they sing the Monster Mash.

Spooky sightings

Halloween in the Forest
Oct 30 | FortWhyte Alive

There’s something inherently freaky about forests, don’t you agree? Sure, they tend to be quiet and peaceful – but you never know what’s lurking behind the next tree. In the case of FortWhyte Alive, it’s probably a squirrel or a deer. Join in some Halloween fun and take part in a forest scavenger hunt or stop by the spooky Sod House.

Pumpkin Decorating
Oct 30 | Oak Hammock Marsh

Got a doorstep but no pumpkin? Decorate your own pumpkin or gourd at Oak Hammock Marsh and learn to make fabulous designs without the sticky mess. All supplies are provided!

Fear the Waking Dead
Oct 21, 22, 23, 28, 29, 30 | Adrenaline Adventures

Since the zombie outbreak last year at Fun Mountain, the military has managed to herd the last of the undead to Adrenaline Adventures and are seeking daring volunteers to test the limits of the terrifying environment. Select groups of thrill seekers will test how zombies react to humans, and of course, how humans react to the different types of zombies. In the end, it’s up to each individual to make it out alive. Will you accept the challenge?

Escape the Dead
Oct 21, 22, 23 | Paintball Paradise

Escape the Dead offers the choice: run, scream or fight. Use your brains or the zombies of this paint ball park could eat yours. Escape the Dead combines escape rooms, paintball and zombies for the ultimate Halloween paint ball experience.

🎃 🎃 🎃  HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!  🎃 🎃 🎃
Hope you have a frightfully fantastic one!