The Travel Manitoba team set off on an ordinary Tuesday afternoon to experience the mystery of Enigma Escapes, an exciting escape game where groups have 1 hour to solve riddles and clues, and ultimately, make it out in time. Enigma Escapes will take you to the jungles of Africa with The Lost Jewel of Zanzibar, a prohibition-era bar with The Lucky Duck Speakeasy, a pirate ship at sea with Blackbeard’s Brig, a magic lamp in The Curse of the Evil Genie (Waverley) and the depths of outer space with Cypherspace. It’s a family-friendly adventure that will put you through a range of emotions. Here are the 10 reactions you will have in an escape room at Enigma Escapes…

“Games before the game?! Sweet!”

Excited at Enigma Escapes

Enter the inviting lobby where the fun starts right away. Play bop it and other classics while you wait for your entire group to arrive, or enjoy a magic trick from the talented Gamemasters.

“These Gamemasters are charming and wise.”

Enigma Escapes in Winnipeg, Manitoba

Once everyone is ready to go, you will meet your Gamemaster (unless you’ve already been wooed by a magic trick) and trust us when we say – you’re going to need them. We had the pleasure of meeting Kyle who kindly stored our bags for us and led us into a room where we were prepped on the rules of the game. Kyle played an introduction video for us that lured us into the mystery of the Lost Jewel of Zanzibar and assured us he would watching our game and ready to assist when we needed it via a video monitor. We all chuckled to ourselves – we wouldn’t need help! We’re pros! But it did make us feel better to know help was only a call away.

“We’re not in Kansas anymore.”

Enigma Escapes in Winnipeg, Manitoba

Enigma Escape’s fully immersive rooms will take you to mysterious lands and locations. As soon as the door shuts behind you, you enter a new world where precious gems go missing in the jungle and magic lamps definitely exist. We enjoyed exploring the room and admired how much detail went into every corner (and in an escape room, it’s all about the details).

“So. Many. Clues.”

Enigma Escapes in Winnipeg, Manitoba

When you enter the room – it’s up to you which method you take to uncover clues. For my group, it was a mad dash around the room as we all scattered and found hidden clues. We spread them out and began to solve them one by one. The challenging clues will force you to think outside of the box and work together with your team.

“Help us, Gamemaster!”

Enigma Escapes in Winnipeg, Manitoba

Who were we kidding? We definitely needed help! Our wit and our smarts only took us so far, and soon enough, we realized we needed our trusty Gamemaster’s help. Kyle was at the ready to aid us through the video monitor when we got stuck several times throughout the game – and always gave us the little hint we needed to move forward, without giving too much away.

“I did not see that coming!”

Enigma Escapes in Winnipeg, Manitoba

I enjoyed seeing the reaction of my teammates when Kyle moved us in the right direction to a clue that was often right under our noses! The escape room at Enigma Escapes was teeming with surprises that made us shriek with laughter or jump in surprise. Without giving too much away – there’s more to these rooms that meet the eye.

“Teamwork really does work.”

Enigma Escapes in Winnipeg, Manitoba

We were amazed by all the different qualities each of us brought to the table. Some of us were more analytical, some of us were crafty and others were essential for keeping things light and positive. Enigma Escapes is perfect for team-building exercises as it really makes you appreciate the power of teamwork and see your co-workers in a new light.

“We’re running out of time!”

Enigma Escapes in Winnipeg, Manitoba

Nothing better than a little adrenaline on a Tuesday afternoon! Our hearts were pumping as we raced to beat the clock, and every second counted. This is the part of the game when you learn how to manage time and think on your toes.


Enigma Escapes in Winnipeg, Manitoba

Is there any better sound to hear in an escape room than the successful click of a combination lock opening? We think not! But the triumphant sound of completing the challenge is pretty fantastic too. Our team had 15 minutes left on the clock when we cracked the final code!

“So, when can we come back?”

Enigma Escapes in Winnipeg, Manitoba

As we proudly exited the room we had conquered, we were taken straight to the photo booth to pose with props that matched our room’s theme. As we left we were already planning our return trip to Enigma Escapes, and so will you!