Ah, the age old question. There have been memes made about it and guides written on how to overcome the struggle. But now, all you need to do is follow our blog (or, Peg City Grub) for all the eating recommendations you could ever ask for. So stop asking “Where should we eat?” and head directly to one of these ten restaurants for some serious noshing this spring…

Boon Burger Cafe

79 Sherbrook Street and 141 Bannatyne Avenue

Have you ever discovered an entirely new type of food and become hooked on it? Boon Burger Cafe may have that effect on you; especially if you have it in your head that vegan food isn’t delicious (news flash, it is). As Canada’s first all vegan burger cafe, Boon Burger is a haven for animal product alternatives, from delectable veggie burgers to poutine made with vegan gravy and cheese.

Y Not Johnny’s

1496 3rd St. NE, Swan River

If you’re like me and love variety when you eat, you’ll love Swan River’s Y Not Johnny’s. Want dynamite rolls? They got those. Want nachos? A veggie burger? Steak pho bowl? All of the above. And while not every restaurant can handle having such a vast menu, the reviews speak for themselves.

Table for 1200 More

June 3

Where else can you muse over the value of architecture, design, and urbanism while enjoying a delicious meal in an entirely unique location? Table for 1200 More is back for another year, bringing with it an approximately 1200 foot long table and an incredible pop-up outdoor culinary experience. In keeping with the theme of art, each group is encouraged to decorate their table – and you’ll be amazed at just how creative our community really is. Past locations include the Esplanade Riel, The Legislative Building and Waterfront – but you’ll have to stay tuned to find out where this year’s top-secret location will be. Tables are available for reservation now, with individual tickets on sale in April.

Cafe LaManche

505A North Railway, Morden

Did you know: Morden has its very own Little Europe, all located within the quaint Cafe LaManche. This Crêperie serves up savoury and sweet french crepes, belgian waffles, wraps and more. If you can’t decide on a single flavour , worry not, simply order the assorted waffle with four quadrants of yummy variety.

Have a Nice Day

625 Portage Ave., Winnipeg

As sad as we were to see Little Pizza Heaven leave its location at the Good Will Social Club, we are equally as excited to welcome a new eatery with a lovely sentiment: Have a Nice Day. The menu features classic street foods (think hot dogs and falafel) with a twist.  The menu offers quite a few vegan and vegetarian options too – in case Boon Burger has converted you.

Drive-In Eats

Various locations

Another exciting thing about spring? Drive-ins start to open all over the province! There are gems that stay open year round (like Half Moon) while others are just starting to open their doors. Visit our full blog post to start adding some of Manitoba’s best diners and drive-ins to your list!

Oma’s Schnitzel Stube

601 Sabourin St, St. Pierre Jolys

It’s no wonder that a place like Oma’s Schnitzel Stube is so well-loved in Manitoba, considering the high number of German immigrants and those with German heritage who live in the province. But even for those without the nostalgic advantage will savor the in-house smoked meats and sausages and the small yet scrumptious buffet!

Little Maria’s

63052 PR307, Seven Sisters Falls

Who knew that so many towns in Manitoba had hidden European culinary gems? While fairly new, Little Maria’s has already become a staple in the town of Seven Sisters Falls, offering up a little taste of the Mediterranean with dishes such as Calamari Frito, Fettuccine Diavolo and Sicilian Lemon Cannoli! Buon appetito!

Clubhouse 204

BOX 328, Onanole, Manitoba

The Parkland’s avid golfers are no stranger to the quality fare that is served with the Clear Lake Golf Course’s restaurant, Clubhouse 204. What better way to end a few rounds of golf than with a delicious meal, especially while overlooking the picturesque 9th green of the course? Menu items include Canadian Maple Ribs, Pan Seared Manitoba Pickerel and Canadian Black Angus Beef.

Benny’s Restaurant

612 Rosser Ave., Brandon, Manitoba

Benny’s has settled in nicely to downtown Brandon, ushering in guests to its newly renovated, warm and inviting atmosphere that is ideal for an evening of fine dining. Having already made a mark on the Brandon culinary landscape (with the former Remington’s Seafood & Steakhouse), owner Ben has already begun to start a new legacy on the city – rave reviews being a nice place to start.