Ever notice that wildlife critters seem to have a certain attitude? Here at Travel Manitoba, we look through a lot of wildlife images, like A LOT, an abundance of wildlife is kind of our thing. And we recently realized that animals don’t seem so happy about us snapping their photos and sharing them on Instagram — giving you looks just like your friend does when you post “unapproved” photos of them. Not cool. Now, we cannot even look at a wildlife photo without obsessing over what it’s thinking as it gives us a pointed stink-eye. For a country that is generally considered a kind and friendly place, these animals seriously have no chill…

Don’t even start with me, Jan.

The face that launched a thousand quills.

Seriously? Just stop.

Can’t a bear get a moment here?

So over your wildlife stalking, Ron!

Maybe he’s born with it, maybe it’s Maybelline.

U can’t touch this.

My, my, my, my wings flap at you so hard, makes me hoot, “Owl my Lord, thank you for blessing me, with eyes so bright and feathers so sweet.”

Look at me. I am the captain now.

Hmmm, how about a nice cup of move along!

As this Whiskey-Jack looks over it's world, I wonder what it is thinking.

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OMG, I’m trying to blend in here.

Sooooo inappropriate.

Darn kids, get OFF my lawn!

Consider my feathers ruffled.

Are you not entertained?!

Are owls ever happy?

Is this real life?

Not mad, just want to know.

Ooh-la-la, so debonair, Emil.

Super cute seal stealing the limelight 😊 #assiniboineparkzoo #winnipeg

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And, admit it, a little smug.

Go in the water they said. It will be fun they said. 😒

I regret nothing. Nothing!

My house, my rules!



😑 😑 😑😑 😑 😑

Yes, I’m judging you. I’m judging all of you.

What a Judgy McJudgerson.

Sure, you can pet me. Go right ahead. 🐢😏

Awww, SNAP!

Yeah, I look good, I know it. Sue me.

Those boots are fierce!

Hi-ya! *Miss Piggy style*

That snowman probably pulled the hair on the goat’s chinny-chin-chin, so he Maaaad.

Girl, you got me stressed out.

You need to leave me alone when I’m on my tree throne.

Ugh, Jon Snow can’t be dead!

Going to go all angry Direwolf if Snow doesn’t make a comeback.

Meh, is this over yet?

We’re getting there.

Serenity now.

This guy legit looks like he’s trying to fight some feelings.

So over this. We out!

Bye, son! Thanks for following along.

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