The Royal Winnipeg Ballet has been dazzling audiences with its holiday classic The Nutcracker since 1999. In that time, the fabled holiday ballet has become a tradition for many come this time of year. It’s a tradition that often starts when kids are young, and while the ballet may normally be an activity reserved for adults, The Nutcracker is a notable exception to that rule. If you haven’t already made The Nutcracker part of a holiday tradition with your kids, here are six reasons you should.

Eye Candy


Kids love candy and eye candy should be no exception. There are few things simply more visually stunning than The Nutcracker. Between the glittering sets, sparkling costumes and bursts of colour, it is a feast for the eyes that is sure to keep your little ones enthralled.

Feats of Strength

Luzemberg Santana, Ryan Vetter, Yosuke Mino; Photo by Vince Pahkala

Never let anyone tell you that a ballet dancer isn’t as much an athlete as they are an artist. These dancers can perform moves requiring unbelievable strength, coordination and skill. Kids will be dazzled by the jumps, leaps, twirls and tricks of the talented company at the RWB.


RWB Company Dancers in Nutcracker [2015] Photo Credit Rejean Brandt (2)

There are few things more fun for kids than dressing up. Between the tiaras and crowns and sequins and satin slippers, the costumes in The Nutcracker will dazzle. There are more 250 costumes and 30 different tutus in the show, that is sure to please any kid with a well-stocked Tickle Trunk.

Cute Critters

Company Dancers Alanna McAdie and Yosuke Mino; Photo by Samanta Katz

The Nutcracker features a whole host of cute critters including mice, reindeer, Filbert the comical bear and a troupe of the most adorable polar bear cubs you’ve ever seen. What kid wouldn’t love the spectacle of these adorable furry friends on stage?

A Touch of Magic

Alanna McAdie and Yosuke Mino Photo courtesy of the RWB

The holiday season is kind of all about magic–the magic of Santa, the magic of giving and just the magic of the season. The Nutcracker brings its own magic with the Sugar Plum Fairy, toys that come to life and a voyage to an enchanted land. Kids can’t resist magic and they won’t be able to resist the magic of The Nutcracker.

The Story of Clara

RWB School Student in Nutcracker- Photo by Vince Pahkala

While it may be called The Nutcracker, the true star of this tale is a little girl named Clara. The RWB tells us that many of their dancers decide they want to take up ballet professionally after seeing The Nutcracker as a child.  Kids love seeing someone they can relate to as the central character and Clara is a hero for all ages.

The Nutcracker runs Dec 19-29 at the Centennial Concert Hall. Get your tickets here.