Heralded as one of the best festivals in Winnipeg, Folklorama is the largest multicultural event of its kind in the world. Have you ever wanted to travel to Croatia? How about Ireland, Germany or the Caribbean? For 14 days in August, Folklorama offers just a small taste (but oh, such a good one) of cultures around the globe. Over 40 pavilions are scattered around the city in the two week period, and with incredible vibrancy, energy and delicacies – you will definitely want to #seeitall.


See the vibrancy

The colours, the sights and the sounds will stick with you long after Folklorama draws to a close. Upon entering each pavilion, guests have the opportunity to see unique cultural pieces – some of which you can even purchase. Ambassadors are close on hand to explain the uses and significance of each item.

#repost from @folklorama of 3 of our handsome dancers 😉

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Did we mention the incredible attire? From hot pink feathers to elegant hand fans, ambassadors, dancers and volunteers go all out to show off the style and significance of their culture’s garb.

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Feel the energy

There’s something to be said about the talented dancers of Folklorama; from the energetic Gurage sequence at the Ethiopian pavilion to the how-low-can-you-go limbo and spirit of Carnaval at the Caribbean pavilion. If you aren’t shimmying along to the beat, you’re doing it wrong.

Impressive moves at the Korean Pavilion! Amazing show! #folklorama46 #seeitall

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Music and demonstrations take pavilions to the next level. Watch on the edge of your seat as martial artists split blocks of wood, or raise a lager to the rhythmical sounds of Oom-pah.

Taste the delicacy

Arguably the best part of Folklorama is the cuisine. Each pavilion fills with delicious aroma, making for a mouth-watering experience. Enjoy a full meal or just a small sampling as you make your way from pavilion to pavilion in an attempt to taste it all. Here’s a list to get you started. Must try: Injera, roti, haggis, chana masala, kimchi and of course, holubtsi.

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