Oh! Great Odin’s Raven! After yesterday’s vote, New Iceland is now trapped in a glass case of emotion. The mighty Viking got hammered by a submarine driving Flintabbatey and the valiant Viking Ship *almost* got blown off course by a Windmill storm. The ship survived, but barely. It took on a lot of water. We also saw the Cinderella story that is the Camel maul the Polar Bear while the Happy Rock shook that Coke Can until it was flat. All of the races were very close, not a runaway in the bunch. Fantastic job, voters!

As we enter the last couple of days of Roadside Madness, I think we can all agree that we LOVE, LOVE, LOVE our quirky roadside statues. Whether they’re animals, or people, or animals dressed as people, there’s a sweet nostalgic feeling that washes over us as we pass by these characters on the road. (Please drive safe today on those roads!)

The Final Four is a feisty bunch for sure. These “last statues standing” won their bracket and are pumped and ready to wipe the floor with the competition. We have the WILD’s Camel taking on the WACKY’s Happy Rock and the WHO’s Flintabbatey taking on the WILLY-NILLY’S Viking Ship.

So start your voting engines, because these behemoths wantno, NEEDyour vote…

Roadside Madness - Vote for the Final Four!


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Come back to the blog tomorrow (March 26) to see the results of the FINAL FOUR and vote for the CHAMPION.