The first few days of Roadside Madness saw all types of results. Who would have thought Chuck the Catfish and Tommy the Turtle would fall so quickly, that the Pumpkin and Mushrooms never really stood a chance, and that the toughest throw down would be between a Coke Can and a Smoking Pipe? (The Pipe fizzled out by only 14 votes!) It’s been an absolute hoot seeing you all stand passionately by your favourites and debating about who’s the fairest attraction of them all.

During yesterday’s battle, the Happy Rock crushed the Banana, the Beaver got chewed out by Flintabbatey, and Camel hoofed the Elk right into the ditch. That Camel has some serious game. We are now getting down to the nitty-gritty, it’s time to decide which character wins their division:

The WILD has the tundra’s popular Polar Bear fighting it out with the desert’s feisty Camel, while the WACKY has the Happy Rock attempting to wave goodbye to the Coke Can. The WHO sees Flintabbatey trying to sink the Viking, while in the WILLY-NILLY division, the Viking Ship’s about to get real by trying to blow the Windmill off the map.

And with that, it’s time to vote…

Roadside Madness - Vote for the Elite Eight!

Voting is now closed on the Elite Eight, but you can now vote for the Final Four.


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Come back to the blog tomorrow (March 25) to see the results of the ELITE EIGHT and vote on the FINAL FOUR.