The votes are in and Sara the Camel came *this close* to winning Roadside Madness. Sara might not have received the perfect fairytale ending, but she definitely showed us how endeared and revered she is in her community.

A little about Sara the Camel and Glenboro

Sara the Camel comes from Glenboro in the western region of the province. She guards the village and looks north towards Manitoba’s nearby desert, the Spirit Sands, a beautiful retreat widely considered one of our best Provincial Parks. Sara is such an important part of the community that in 2008 she received a face lift.

The Glenboro area is a favourite vacation spot for many. The nearby Spruce Woods Park is a place where the whole family can enjoy a good time. It offers excellent camping facilities as well as swimming, fishing, hiking, and picnic areas. The Kiche Manitou Beach is used extensively in the summer by both the young and the young at heart. In 2010, it was named Manitoba’s best place to go camping in the top 100 spots to Go RVing in Canada.

Congrats to Sara the Camel for going so far in the competition! You were a worthy opponent in a spirited competition with Flintabbatey Flonatin.

Thank you all for participating and sharing your love for Manitoba’s roadside attractions. It’s been a fun week full of upsets, shocking defeats and wild come-from-behind victories. We have been absolutely blown away by the response this competition received. This was our first time conducting a poll on the blog and we had no idea the amount of votes that would come in. It’s been amazing!

Happy Spring Break!

Sara the Camel

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Note: At around 11:00 a.m. yesterday, we noticed suspicious activity with the voting. Over 400 votes were cast by three accounts within minutes. We added restrictions to the poll software and removed the suspicious votes. Sorry for the confusion and/or frustration. For future polls, we will use different software to calculate the votes.