Polar bears are without a doubt among the most photogenic species in the animal kingdom. So what could be better than taking some cute polar bear videos and mashing them up with some fun pop and hip hop songs? Answer: Nothing.

No diggity? Yes diggity!

Song via Blackstreet | Video source: explore.org.

We like the way this polar bear works it, total diggity, he’s got to bag it up. He’s got class, he’s got style. Tundra knowledge by the pound.

O can’t you see, you belong to me

Song via The Police | Video source: BBC.

“Oh, how my poor stomach aches with every swimming stroke I take.”

Put your back into it

Song via Maestro Fresh-Wes | Video source: Polar Bear Town.

Man, oh man, watch ya swiver, wind some twine ’round your spine while you slither. Let ya backbone quiver. It’s contagious, an epidemic.

Beyoncé, can you handle this?

Song via Beyoncé | Video source: Animal Planet.

When you at the club lookin’ hot, smellin’ good, groovin’ like you straight from the tundra hood. Blow a kiss. Can you handle this?

I like baby polar bears and I cannot lie

Song via Sir Mix-A-Lot | Video source Andrew Manske.

You other cubs can’t deny, when mom walks by at a pretty pace with a big smile on her face, you jump on! “I just can’t help myself, I’m actin’ like an animal.”

My footsteps so loud, I’m swangin’

Song via Chamillionaire | Video source BBC.

They see you rollin’, so they start patrollin’, tryin’ to catch you ridin’…with dirty paws.

Ice, ice babies

Song via Vanilla Ice | Video source Andrew Manske.

When the kids won’t stop fighting and all you want to stay is “Alright, STOP, collaborate and listen.”

You used to call me on my seal phone

We can’t do polar bear mashup memes without sharing one of the most popular ones around. We present to you, HOTLINE TOBA.

Song via Drake.