Oh round one, you sure did take our museum-loving hearts for a wild ride. We watched with anticipation as competing Must-see-ums fought for their life by rallying fans and supporters from across the province. The results are in:

Mustseeums Madness Round 2

In our Houses of History bracket, Dalnavert Museum rolled up in true Victorian fashion to secure its spot in our sweet sixteen, up against the strong and resilient spirit of the Wasyl Negrych Pioneer Homestead.

In the Industry and Manufacturing category, wildcard choice Pioneer Village Museum flexed its muscles and made it into our next round, preparing to take on the northern might of the Snow Lake Mining Museum

Again in the Military Museums bracket, wildcard selection Hillcrest Museum proved that it can hold its own and continues on in the competition against the popular Commonwealth Air Training Museum.

Keeping things rolling with the Planes, Trains and Automobiles category is The Gimli Glider Exhibit, which will attempt to fly high above the locomotive power of the Miami Railway Station Museum.

Meanwhile, the Treherne Glass Bottle Buildings will attempt to claim the title of most eclectic museum in Manitoba against the fascinating (and very bizarre) Sam Waller Museum in the Cool & Quirky category.

The Mennonite Heritage Village is feeling on top of the world after crushing the competition of round one in a landslide - but how will it size up against Churchill's prized Itsanitaq Museum

In the Pioneer Museums category, it's village against village as the Arborg Multicultural Heritage Village attempts to overthrow the Minnedosa Museum & Heritage Village.

Last but not least, the ancient marine reptiles of the Canadian Fossil Discovery Centre will see if they can survive in the tall grass prairie of the Living Prairie Museum.

There's not a moment to spare: the sweet sixteen round starts now!

Houses of History



Industry and Manufacturing + wildcard



Military Museums + wildcard



Planes, Trains and Automobiles



Cool & Quirky



Cultural Museums



Pioneer Museums



Natural History