How was the final round, you ask? Utter madness! 😱

Must-see-um madness

It was an all-nighter as Minnedosa Museum & Heritage Village fought hard and true, but with a margin of only 16 (yes 16!) votes, Snow Lake Mining Museum is officially our Must-see-um Madness Champion! CONGRATULATIONS! 🙌🙌🙌 

So what is a Must-see-um and why did we run this contest? Must-see-ums are small-to-medium museums or cultural attractions that we have identified as 'must-sees' in the province. As we continue our campaign to promote these well-deserving museums, we thought what better way to shine a light on as many as possible than through our annual Madness competition? 

We hope that through this friendly little competition, you found a new museum that sparked an interest in you. Did you know there are over 200 spots in the province that we call Must-see-ums? From the weird and wacky to the cool and quaint, there are so many to see and we encourage you to hit the road and explore as many as you can this summer. 

Thank you to ALL the museums who participated, rallied together and showed us the true meaning of community!

Now let's take a moment to dig further into our winner, the Snow Lake Mining Museum! 

Snow Lake Mining Museum


With mining as the major industry in Snow Lake, its no wonder that this gem of a museum is often considered the heart of the community. The 4,000-square-foot museum dedicated to preserving over 100 years of mining, from the days of manual labour to modern mechanized mining.  

Designated a "Manitoba Star Attraction" in 2006, there's more to this museum than just its large and comprehensive collection of mining artifacts and its beloved 'rock room' (although those are very cool too). What is particularly unique is the effort put in by the museum and its volunteers to preserve the history of labourers from days gone by - a group not traditionally remembered and honoured as individuals in a museum setting.  

Just browse its Facebook page for dozens of photos of workers and see community members helping with identification. 

The museum also honours the winners of the annual Mine Rescue Competition since its inception in 1961. 

For more, check back to our pages for the grand prize - a promotional video - coming summer 2018! Or, visit the museum yourself! 

Practical Information

Guided tours are available.


163 Poplar Avenue, Snow Lake, Manitoba


Open mid-June to the Labour Day weekend (Sept 2). Closed Sundays.


Adults: $5

Kids: $2

Family: $12