If you’re starting to count down the days left to do Christmas shopping: allow us to lend a hand. Here in Manitoba, we have a thriving cabin culture and even if you don’t own a cabin, chances are, you savour the summer at least a few weekends during the summer at one. The passion of the cabin dweller is strong, which led us to create this handy list of 15 gift ideas for the person in your life who spends summer and winter outside of city limits. The gift guide focuses on three outstanding stores at The Forks: WAG @ The Forks (in the Johnston Terminal), The Forks Trading Company and Teecka’s Aboriginal Boutique (in the Forks Market). If you’d like to do all your shopping at The Forks, browse their handy gift guide for nifty finds that take you through every shop in the market!

15 Gift Ideas for the Cabin Dweller in Manitoba | Travel Manitoba Gift Guide

1. These adorable wildlife pillows

Riley Grae Designs, available at The Forks Trading Company: $18 each

The whimsical shape and design would suit your special-someone’s favourite chair at the cabin well, don’t you agree?

2. A little cabin candle inception

Cabin Candle from the WAG at The Forks

Cabin Candle by Forest and Waves, WAG @ The Forks: $30

It’s almost too easy to shop for cabin dwellers at The Forks. Your giftee will swoon over the campfire scent!

3. A trendy art print

Charleswood Art Print by Happyland Print Shop from The Forks Trading Company

Charleswood Art Print by Happyland Print Shop from The Forks Trading Company: $14

Just because you’re a cabin dweller doesn’t mean you don’t like to give a nod to your home turf. Find a print from your giftee’s neighbourhood – the look and vibe fits right into our theme!

4. Mittens made with love

Handmade mittens from Teekca’s Aboriginal Boutique: $79.95

Whether your giftee spends time chopping wood for the fireplace or skating on the lake, you can never go wrong with a pair of quality mittens.

5. Something to sip out of

Mugs from The Forks Trading Company

Cat cup by Nancy Blokland Pottery / Mug by mud + stone studio from The Forks Trading Company

Purrrfect for hot chocolate (and Bailey’s? Who are we to judge) and cool mornings.

6. A touch of wilderness

Tree decor from WAG @ The Forks

Tree decor by Roost from WAG @ The Forks: $30 each

Trees: we got ’em. If looking outside to see trees isn’t quite enough for your giftee, these nifty tree designs bring the outdoors, indoors in a delightfully creative way.

7. The ultimate cabin outfit

Plaid Onesie by Lazy Ones from Two Rivers at The Forks: $58.99

If you don’t like wearing a onesie, you’re probably lying. Yes, using the bathroom can be complicated – but this onesie makes that easy.

8. A warm cup of tea in the morning

Inuit Herbal Tea from WAG @ The Forks

Inuit Herbal Tea from WAG @ The Forks: $60-$100

Is there anything more comforting than the gentle whistle of a tea kettle first thing in the morning? Tea enthusiasts (and face it, most cabin lovers are) will adore this Inuit Herbal Tea set.

9. Another candle, just in case

Coal and Canary Cable Knit Scarf Candle from Forks Trading Company

Coal and Canary Cable Knit Scarf Candle from Forks Trading Company: $30

Cabin people love candles – trust us on that. With hints of toasted hazelnuts, vanilla and butter, this candle does not disappoint.

10. A resting spot for your wine glass 🍷

Arbor Black Walnut Coasters from WAG @ The Forks: $16

Next time your giftee is sipping wine on a cozy winter’s night at the cabin, consider this: Do they have a suitable spot to place said wine glass down?

11. A little wearable Manitoba pride

Manitoba Toque by Arborist from The Forks Trading Company

Manitoba Toque by Arborist from The Forks Trading Company: $29.95

All cabin owners take pride in their little corner of the province; and will defend it to the end. This hat reflects that passion.

12. A handful of woodland cheer

Handmade Ornaments by Craftspring from WAG @ The Forks

Handmade Ornaments by Craftspring from WAG @ The Forks: $12-$20

I’m not usually one for giving Christmas decor for Christmas, but how can you resist these cute handmade ornaments that are MADE for the cabin Christmas tree?

13. The coziest boot in the world

Manitobah Mukluks from Teekca's Aboriginal Boutique

Manitobah Mukluks from Teekca’s Aboriginal Boutique: $200-$400

One of Manitoba’s most popular products worldwide, Manitobah Mukluks can be used as slippers around the cabin or for outdoor adventures.

14. Tea towels with a twist

Tea Towels from WAG @ The Forks

Tea Towels from WAG @ The Forks: $20-$24

Most cabins tend to get the hand-me-downs and leftovers – the rags that have gone through the dryer one too many time. These tea towels give some new life to the cottage kitchen, with prints from Winnipeg and beyond.

15. The perfect Manitoban stocking stuffer

Manitoba Rock Magnets from The Forks Trading Company

Magnets by Karen Fuhr (Art Rocks) from The Forks Trading Company: $12 each

You rock, rock! These hand-painted rock magnets are ideal stocking stuffers, destined to adorn the front of a cottage fridge.

Photos by Dylann Bobei, Travel Manitoba’s new Visual Content Specialist!