Organized around Earth’s spectacular eco-zones – polar regions, oceans, rain forest, mountains, caves, and savannas – Earth Explorers opening at the Manitoba Museum on Saturday, October 3, brings to life the unparalleled adventures of National Geographic. Visitors to the Museum will learn about the daring men and women who go farther…deeper…higher than anyone else to discover new places, help protect our planet’s biodiversity, and unearth new scientific discoveries.

“Earth Explorers is for the hands-on explorer who is ready for an adventure!” said Mike Jensen, Science Gallery/Planetarium Supervisor. “Visitors will get to climb into an actual off-road explorer vehicle, and feel what it’s like to come face-to-face with a great white shark, soar over the African savanna in a hot air balloon, and take a deep-sea dive in a 3-D submersible!”

Being inspired by the exploits of National Geographic’s adventurers, visitors will apply their explorer skills with an official Manitoba Museum Passport which will take them on a journey of discovery through the Museum Galleries, Planetarium, and Science Gallery.

Earth Explorers opens Saturday, October 3. Your adventure starts here –!

Article sponsored by the Manitoba Museum.