Beluga whales by the thousands, colourful blooms erupting over the tundra, and you, soaking up the northern sun – how could summer get any better?

You may not think of Canada’s North as a summer destination, but Churchill offers an exciting and unique vacation experience full of incredible wildlife and stunning landscapes. 

During the summer months of July and August, the Churchill River comes alive, teeming with thousands of beluga whales. These inquisitive mammals migrate into the warm shallow waters to give birth and feed on small fish.

Known as “Canaries of the Sea” for their vast array of vocalizations, Churchill’s friendly belugas will capture your heart as you enjoy their whale song by boat, zodiac, kayak, or – for the more adventurous – by joining them in the water for a snorkeling adventure

Churchill is most famous for being the best place on earth to see polar bears in the wild, and the best place to do so is in the Churchill Wildlife Management Area on an official Tundra Buggy® excursion.

Exploring by Tundra Buggy will give you the opportunity to see Canada’s North like you’ve never expected it – bursting with colourful flowers and full of a multitude of northern wildlife. You might even have the opportunity to see the first of the summer polar bears as they migrate into the area. 

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