This week’s hot list is as hot as the current temperatures are right now. In one corner, we have hidden gems from our past being brought out into the open via a cool fossil dig or a unique architecture tour, while the other corner has wide open outdoor adventures like flying over the valley or casting a line in one of our bazillion bodies of water. So are you ready to take on Manitoba? Here are the week’s biggest hits…

Wander through the open doors

Holy Eucharist Ukrainian Catholic Church

May 30 to 31
Various buildings, Winnipeg

If you love history, and appreciate unique architecture, discover the tales held within some of Winnipeg’s most architecturally stunning and historically significant buildings at Doors Open Winnipeg. Explore some of our most fascinating buildings while enjoying the many walking tours and events during this FREE weekend.

Go on a fossil dig adventure

Fossil Dig Adventure Tour

Open daily
Canadian Fossil Discovery Centre, Morden

If you like adventure and hands-on experiences, then sign up for a Fossil Dig Adventure Tour! This is one of Manitoba’s hottest tourism products where you can hunt for fossils on active dig sites in the Morden area. Home to Bruce, the 43-foot mosasaur (or marine reptile), the CFDC is unearthing a steady stream of fossils near Morden – an area that was once covered by a saltwater seaway in the Late Cretaceous Period.

P.S. Enter our Project Prehistoric Predator contest for a chance to WIN a full-day authentic fossil dig adventure excavating 80 million year old fossils!

Angle in a big one

Fishing in Manitoba is the best.

Photo by Brian Irwin.

Whether you’re set on reeling in a Master Angler, or if you prefer just to take it easy on the open water, this week is the perfect time to get out there and hook one in.

Did you know you can now submit your catches as fast as you can reel them in? Download our Manitoba Master Angler iPhone app to easily submit a new catch and to keep your records within reach (for when you really want to brag to your buddies about how awesome you are at fishing).

Cast your fly at the Bug Chucker Cup

Bug Chucker Cup

May 28 to 31
Roblin & District Lakes

Head out to Manitoba’s fly-fishing capital for some premiere stillwater competition at the Bug Chucker Cup! The Cup is a great opportunity to compete with other fly fishers to try and reel in a few Rainbows, Browns, Speckles or Tigers! With Stillwater Fly Fishing becoming the new horizon in fly-fishing, you will see some of the newest techniques put to use.

Catch a channel cat on the Red

Catch a channel cat on the Red River

Photo by Jean Fillion.

Whether the channel catfish is the ugliest fish to inhabit Manitoba waters is certainly a topic of debate. What isn’t up for discussion is their ability to deliver fantastic fishing action, no matter if they are big or small. You can catch these toothless fighters in lots of places in Manitoba, but if there’s one place that offers increased odds, it’s near Lockport on the Red River.

Zip through Pembina Valley


Photo by BCRobyn.

Open daily

Get your adrenaline pumping all while taking in a killer view with a ziplining adventure. Take the plunge in the Pembina Valley with Hy-Wire Zipline Adventures and see the valley from 200 feet above with their signature 5 or 8 line tour. The tour includes 1 km of hiking with the average outing lasting just over an hour.

Head for the hills

Riding Mountain National Park

Photo by Joseph Visser.

Rising dramatically from the prairie landscape, Riding Mountain National Park is a vast expanse of boreal forest and pristine aspen parkland that is sure to enchant and inspire you. You’ll feel like you’re standing on the edge of the world as you hike the Escarpment trail system, where the Manitoba plateau falls away 300 metres to the prairies. An abundance of wildlife, forest trails and lakes have attracted nature lovers, camping enthusiasts and summer cottagers for generations. There’s truly something for everyone in this scenic region.

Paddle your own canoe

Paddling in Manitoba.

Photo by Laurel Friesen.

Savour the serenity as you dip your paddle into gentle waters on a quiet lake, or go for broke on rushing river rapids as you follow in the wake of the voyageurs. Head to Grass River Provincial Park or launch your canoe west of the park at Cranberry Portage and take a 176-kilometre run to Wekusko Falls on northern Manitoba’s legendary Grass River route. Admire the pictographs at Tramping Lake along the way – it’s believed the images painted in red ochre on rock faces just above the waterline were created by aboriginal artists who were seated in canoes.

Get in a game of golf

Get in a game of golf

Picking which club to use to make that shot may be easier than deciding which of Manitoba’s more than 120 golf courses to play. From lakeside links, to fairways next to farmers’ fields, to putting greens nestles along rocky Canadian Sheild outcrops, tee off at top courses surrounded by Manitoba’s natural beauty.

Drive for desserts



In Manitoba, we serve up a thick slice of our history, in cake, torte and pastry form. Whether drawing inspiration from Japan, France, or simply from a serious doughnut craving, you can count on our sweet spots to be every bit decadent.

Heal your teddy bears at Assiniboine Park

Teddy Bears’ Picnic

Teddy Bears’ Picnic is this Sunday

May 31
Assiniboine Park, Winnipeg

Get the kids to grab their ailing teddy bears and head out to the park for the Teddy Bears’ Picnic! This annual event brings kids, teddy bears and parents together for a day of health education, fun activities and entertainment. Rain or shine teddy bears always have a good time!

Buy local at a farmers’ market

Visit a Manitoba farmers' market

Photo by Thomas Stuart.

Various locations around the province

Feast on freshly produced goodies at your local farmers’ market! This is the perfect time for you to shop for locally-produced foods and discover the real great tastes of Manitoba. Yum! Here’s a list of markets province-wide and Winnipeg-specific.

Decode the mystery of the Legislature

Hermetic Code Tour

Wednesday evenings from May 6 to Oct 14
Manitoba Legislative Building

Sign up for an unforgettable evening of magic, mystery and architectural wonder on the Hermetic Code Tour. The charismatic Frank Albo, researcher and inspiration behind the bestseller The Hermetic Code, will take you along a step-by-step tour to reveal a trail of occult clues concealed in the building’s architecture including: hidden hieroglyphic inscriptions, numerological codes, and Freemasonic symbols so intelligently masked they have escaped historians and visitors for nearly a hundred years! This is part of the Canadian Signature Experience collection.

Meet the colourful characters of Fort Gibraltar

Fort Gibraltar

Tours offered daily
May 19 to August 30

Take a journey back in time to the Fur Trade in the early 1800’s. Eccentric costumed interpreters will guide you through the historic Fort Gibraltar that originally sat at the forks of the Red and Assiniboine River. Guided tours are approximately 2 hours long  and cover everything from the role of the fort as a North West Company trading post to the development of the Red River Settlement and the notorious conflict between competing fur trading empires.

Tour our quirky roadside attractions

may-interlake giants web


Catfish, garter snakes and a very tall viking are just a few of the strange monuments found in Manitoba. Head out on the road to discover our local mascots with a Roadside Madness road trip. Tour our province’s quirkiest roadside attractions while taking in the scenery, shops and restaurants that each location has to offer. Twitter user tuliplights covered 821 km and 17 towns in 12 hours during her own #shaunaslandmarkchallenge. How many can you see in one day?

Discover Mennonite culture

Mennonite Heritage Village

Photo by Jerry Grajewski.

Open daily
Mennonite Heritage Village Museum, Steinbach

Hitch your horses and pack your luggage for a harrowing tale of migration and settlement at the Mennonite Heritage Village. Travel through time to a turn-of-the century Russian Mennonite street village on our 40 acre site, taste traditional Mennonite fare at the museum’s Livery Barn Restaurant, and explore a classic Mennonite housebarn and a fully operational Dutch windmill during the summer.

Explore the ancient world at Olympus

Olympus: The Greco-Roman Collections of Berlin at the Winnipeg Art Gallery

Apr 26, 2015 to Apr 17, 2016
Winnipeg Art Gallery

Take the entire brood to see the famous families of ancient Greece and Rome at Olympus. Spanning almost 10 centuries of artistic production, this extraordinary collection features over 160 ancient treasures including statues, vases and jewelry.

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