Nature’s first green is gold,

Her hardest hue to hold.

Her early leaf’s a flower;

But only so an hour.

Then leaf subsides to leaf.

So Eden sank to grief,

So dawn goes down to day.

Nothing gold can stay.

We get it, we get it; with the exception of winter, seasons tend to be short in Manitoba. And with the province slowly turning to gold, it’s time to savour every minute. This week, declare an early Thanksgiving and start the fall season with a new appreciation. Appreciate design, home cooked meals, our rich heritage and even the stars above. Here’s what’s hot in Manitoba…

Find a creative spark

Winnipeg Design Festival

September 16 to 19

Design is everywhere and we interact with it daily. This is the theme of this year’s Winnipeg Design Festival, where creativity, rigor and critical thinking is celebrated and acknowledged.  At this all-in-one festival you can attend workshops on art and entrepreneurship, head out on a bike or building tour, watch a film at an alleyway party, or shop ’til you drop at a pop-up market.

Welcome the rising harvest moon

Harvest Moon Festival Clearwater

September 18 to 20

Healthy community and healthy land is at top of mind at this 3 day Autumn festival in Pembina Valley. Pitch your tent, enjoy a variety of live local music or cuddle up around the campfire with freshly made s’more. Next, register for a yoga, art, history or nature workshop before heading over to the Fair Trade Fair and Farmers Market to stock up one-of-a-kind wares. The Harvest Moon Festival is a fantastic way to wind down as the summer comes to a close!

Get your fill at a fall supper

Fall Suppers Manitoba

Various dates and locations

Fall just wouldn’t be fall without the opportunity to enjoy a hearty, home cooked meal. Fall suppers are a long standing (and very tasty) Manitoba tradition, bringing together local communities with warm meals.

Komarno Fall Supper & Dance | September 19

Gimli Fall Supper | September 20

La Salle Fall Supper | September 20

Paroisse Précieux Sang Fall Supper | September 20

Somerset Fall Supper | September 20

Warren Fall Supper & Bake Sale | September 20

Learn the seven sacred teachings

Mikinak-Keya Spirit Tour

September 19 | 9:00 am
Canadian Museum for Human Rights

See the Canadian Museum for Human Rights like never before. Mikinak-Keya is a unique cultural experience that explores the Museum’s architecture and design through the eyes of Manitoba’s First Nations people. Journey through the museum and learn of the Seven Sacred Teachings and how they relate to every aspect of the building.

Celebrate the changing seasons

FortWhyte Alive Autumn

September 20
FortWhyte Alive

The air is crisp and the leaves are golden at FortWhyte Alive; home to the Family Fall Festival. Start your day wandering through the farmers’ market for fresh food and locally made products. Next, roam the FortWhyte grounds and participate in a bison safari, a bannock roast and a variety of guided hikes.

Get under the world’s largest big top

Cavalia's Odysseo

September 10 to October 4
Under the big white top on Kenaston Blvd, Winnipeg

Beautiful music, astounding acrobatics and magnificent horses. Get ready Winnipeg, the world’s largest touring big top is about to hit town! The internationally acclaimed Cavalia will push the limits of live entertainment with its latest production Odysseo.  Head under the world’s largest big top for an equestrian and acrobatic production that will bring you to some of the planet’s most unforgettable landscapes.

Discover the world of farming

Open Farm Day Manitoba

September 20
Various locations

Have you ever wondered where your local food comes from? Set out on a roadtrip to a variety of host farms for the 6th Annual Open Farm Day in Manitoba. Meet local farmers, try and buy new products, explore farm operations, watch demonstrations, enjoy recreational activities and get all your questions about farm life answered. Finish your day by enjoying the fruits of the farmers’ labour at the Supper from the Field event or at one of many fall suppers occurring around the province.

Set out for spectacular stargazing

Oak Hammock Marsh Astronomy Night

September 17 | 8:00 – 10:00 pm
Oak Hammock Marsh

Oak Hammock Marsh has the best skies. When it isn’t full of migrating birds, it’s littered with the brightest stars. Attend the Astronomy Night & Star Party and get to know some of the brightest constellations in the dark autumn sky. Members of the Royal Astronomical Society will be on hand to share the stories behind the stars above and to answer any questions about our solar system. An outdoor observation session from the rooftop will let you explore the night sky.

Tour the retired aircraft of yesteryear

Royal Aviation Museum of Western Canada

September 1 to 29 (Every Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday) | 2:00 – 3:00 pm
Royal Aviation Museum of Western Canada

Workin’ 9-5, what a way to make a living. Canada’s early aircraft worked hard for a living, and their tough exterior and design was a direct reflection of this. The workhorses of our aerial past had to make the trip to remote northern communities that had no roads or runways. In this exhibit, aircraft has been retrieved from the bottom of lakes or the sides of mountains. Some have been restored, while others are display a plethora war wounds.  See these tough workhorses of the past at the Royal Aviation Museum of Western Canada.

Feast with Gods and Goddesses

Olympus at the WAG

September 17
Winnipeg Art Gallery

Scallops, herb gnocchi and an ample supply of gods and goddesses are on the menu at this dinner-and-tour program at the Winnipeg Art Gallery. Expert guide and Project Curator Angeliki Bogiatji will bring you through 160 Greek and Roman treasures in a rare night of history and delectable fare.

Get a glimpse into Winnipeg’s most interesting homes

Home Tour Winnipeg

90 River Road – Designed by Étienne Gaboury

September 20 | 10:00 am – 4:00 pm

When admiring a home’s curb appeal isn’t enough, the WAG’s Home Tour 2015 offers wanderers a rare glimpse some of the city’s most interesting homes. Venture out on this self-guided tour in Winnipeg’s south end and enjoy a day of architectural eye candy.

Unleash your spirit for adventure

Swamp Donkey Adventure Race

September 19
Falcon Lake

The largest adventure race in North American is no joke. In the Swamp Donkey wilderness challenge, teams of three race through Falcon Lake on an unmarked course using a map and compass. The race continues for 6-9 hours and includes mountain biking, canoeing, trekking, and special tasks. If you prefer to explore Manitoba with a bit of adventure, this race is for you!

Rediscover music from the past

The Manitoba Early Music & Arts Festival

September 18 to 20
St. Norbert

Hear ye, hear ye. With the Medieval Festival still a year away, the Manitoba Early Music & Arts Festival is your best bet for reliving the times of kings, queens and castles. Head to St. Norbert Farmers’ Market for a flash-mob play by the performers of Shakespeare in the Ruins, live music by  Manitoba Minstrels and workshops on medieval crafting techniques.  Don’t forget to attend the medieval style church mass the next morning – that is, if you haven’t stayed up half the night with a goblet of ale.

Keep your campfires burning

Manitoba Autumn Camping

Various locations

Why should camping end in the summer? Keep those campfires going all Autumn long with an extended campground season. Wake up in the morning to crisp air, a warm cup of coffee and a mosaic of red, yellow and orange. Here is the full list of campgrounds who have extended their season. Don’t forget to pack the marshmallows.

Come together for a Harvest Supper at FortWhyte

FortWhyte Alive

September 16 | 5:30 pm
FortWhyte Alive

Good friends and great fare come together for the FortWhyte Alive 2nd Annual Harvest Supper. If you’ve enjoyed the food at Buffalo Stone Cafe, you will certainly enjoy this delectable feast featuring the freshest farm ingredients. Sit among friends with the backdrop of the setting sun as you settle in for a voluminous meal. Afterward, stick around for live music, farm tours, festivities and bonfires.

Feel the passion of the violin

Passion of the Violin

September 18 to 20
Centennial Concert Hall

Tianwa Yang is well known in the music industry for her 18 top-selling Naxos recordings and her performances alongside leading orchestras and conductors. Now, Tianwa has her sights set on Winnipeg. Don’t miss one of the best violinists of the new century as she performs Paganini’s Violin Concerto No. 1 at the Centennial Concert Hall.

Climb aboard for Railway Days

Railway Days

September 19 to 20
Winnipeg Railway Museum in Union Station

If you’ve ever spent some time in the Forks, chances are you’ve also heard the rattle of a train passing overhead. These are the machines that transformed Manitoba and the world. Embrace the train this weekend at Railway Days, where industry, travel, hobby and rail heritage displays take over at Winnipeg’s historic Union Station.