November doesn’t get a lot of credit, does it? In October, we are overloaded with pumpkin pie and Halloween. In December, it’s all about the holiday season and taking advantage of snowy afternoons. But November is a lot more exciting than you might think. It is in this month that polar bears begin their journey back to seal-hunting territory, meaning it’s the perfect time to spot bears in Churchill, Manitoba. And believe it or not – this is on top of everything else that the province has to offer. Here’s what’s hot this week…

Join in on ferocious fun for #PolarBearWeek


November 2 to 9

Now is the best time to visit Churchill, Manitoba to see polar bears, just as they begin their move from their summer habitat on the tundra back to seal-hunting territory. In celebration, this week is dedicated entirely to all things polar bear. Join us on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and here on the blog for a ton of fun bear content and giveaways! This year’s #PolarBearWeek Twitter chat will be hosted by TravelChatCA on Wednesday, November 9 at 8:00 pm.

Survive the apocalypse

Survive the Apocalypse at the Manitoba Museum

November 3
Manitoba Museum, Winnipeg

Adult evenings at the Manitoba Museum are back – this time, with a little apocalyptic fun. The end of the world presents interesting challenges. Learn how to survive during this interactive night where you can observe flint knapping demos, learn about which plants are safe to consume, and even try a new gourmet food that’s a wee bit lower on the food chain. Pizza and refreshments will be served with music by DJ King Cabernet.

Eat a slice of Alligator Pie

Alligator Pie at the Manitoba Theatre for Young People

November 5 and 6
Manitoba Theatre for Young People, Winnipeg

Alligator Pie is just as silly and fun as it sounds- bringing the popular children’s poems of Dennis Lee to life in an energetic theatrical performance. Imagination, music and ingenuity come together for a perfect show for the whole family.

Look back on the triumphs and sacrifices of Canadian citizens

Royal Aviation Museum of Western Canada

Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays at 2:00 pm in November
Royal Aviation Museum of Western Canada, Winnipeg

This month at the Royal Aviation Museum of Western Canada, celebrate the lives and accomplishments of revered Canadian citizens who fought and died for our freedom on the ground and in the air. Tours are free with admission and always free for members.

World history lesson at RCA Museum


Open Monday to Friday
RCA Museum, Shilo

100 years ago, Canada entered into what would become one of the greatest and horrendous world events that mankind had yet to experience. World War One changed the human experience, the map of Europe, Britain’s relationship with its Colonies and Canada forged an independent sense of itself as a nation. This is just part of the story told at The RCA Museum.

Listen to the songs of Riding Mountain National Park

Riding Mountain National Park

These songs aren’t your run-of-the-mill one hit wonders. They haven’t reached the top of the charts and you won’t find them on your city’s number one radio station. In fact, the songs of Riding Mountain National Park can only be heard for those who venture into the Manitoba Escarpment. And when you get these tunes stuck in your head, you’ll wish they never leave. Experience a true immersive nature experience with a splash of town life and a touch of comradery as you hum along with the songs of Riding Mountain National Park…

Discover the Victorian Secrets of the Dalnavert Museum


October 16
Dalnavert Museum, Winnipeg

The Dalnavert Museum is a dramatic and striking restoration of the former home of a prominent Winnipeg family built in 1895. Saved from a sure demise by the Manitoba Historical Society in 1969, the house and its contents are a clue into what life was like in the late Victorian era. In this special Explorative Lecture Series Inés Bonacossa will guide you through the Victorian’s secrets of home decorating with Papier-mâché.

Discover our prehistoric past


Open daily
Canadian Fossil Discovery Centre, Morden

Trek out to Morden to see the largest collection of marine reptile fossils in Canada. If you like dinosaurs or sea monsters you will love “Bruce” their 43 ft  Mosasaur, the fiercest of all the marine reptiles. He’s bigger than a T Rex and just as scary. It’s because of him that the Cretaceous seas were considered the most dangerous of all time.

Set your sights on the Souris Bridge


Take a day trip to Souris and brave Canada’s longest historic suspension bridge. The town’s most famous landmark spans 184 metres and is a Manitoba Star Attraction. After you’ve crossed the river (once, twice, or many times), set out to explore the rest of this quaint town to see museums, historic sites and beautiful parks.

Get a fresh view out of your kitchen window


November 6
Oak Hammock Marsh

Winter is almost here, but not all birds flee the country for the season. Ten per cent of Manitoba birds will stick it out, and you’ll want to keep your eyes peeled. What do they eat? What should you feed them? What books should you have? Do you need binoculars? Find out the answers at this workshop at Oak Hammock Marsh.

Get your fill at a fall supper


Various dates and locations

Fall just wouldn’t be fall without the opportunity to enjoy a hearty, home cooked meal. Fall suppers are a long standing (and very tasty) Manitoba tradition, bringing together local communities with warm meals.

November 1Winkler Fall Supper

November 4Lowe Farm Supper

November 5East St. Paul Fall Supper

November 6Brandon Knox United Church Fall SupperEriksdale Fall SupperHamiota Fall SupperHeadingley United Church Fall SupperMinitonas United Church Fall SupperStonewall Fall SupperSt. Joseph Ukrainian Catholic Church Fall SupperGlenboro United Church Fall Supper

Shop local wares

Craft Shows in Manitoba 2016

Various dates and locations

I don’t know what it is, but there’s something particularly comforting about buying something handmade. Maybe it’s the nostalgic smell of a hot glue gun and paint lingering in the air that brings back memories from childhood, or the fact that love and care has gone into each and every item. Craft Show season is back in Manitoba and there are plenty of sales to mark on your calendar leading up to the holiday season. Take a look at our craft sale list to find upcoming dates.

Visit an indoor farmers market


November 3
Manitoba Hydro Place, Winnipeg

Long after the Farmers’ Markets of summer have packed up their goods and left for the season, the Downtown Farmers’ Market heads indoors for once a month shopping – this month’s date is November 3! The Downtown Winnipeg BIZ’s popular farmers’ market offers fresh baking, vinegar, jams, spices, meat, sauces, fruits, vegetables and preserves.

Walk through the history of fashion

Faces of Fashion

November 6
Manitoba Museum, Winnipeg

See models alongside historical galleries as they become living mannequins, modelling historical garb and the fashion of today’s world, featuring looks by local designers. Wander through the galleries of the Manitoba Museum until you reach the Nonsuch Gallery, where live music and a final fashion show will take over the historical ship.

Go wild at the Zoo


Open daily
Assiniboine Park Zoo, Winnipeg

Polar bears and monkeys and leopards, oh my! Say hello to all the beautiful wild animals at Assiniboine Park Zoo. The Zoo has over 80 park-like acres for you to explore and interact with wildlife species from around the world.

Road trip through the heartland


Pick a road you’ve never been on and ramble along our rolling farmlands that stretch to the horizon in every direction. There’s a reason National Geographic listed a tour through Manitoba’s farm country as one of their Drives of a Lifetime.

Say boo at a haunted attraction


October 31
Six Pines Haunted Attractions

Family fun by day, fear by night. Six Pines Haunted Attractions is the ultimate destination for Halloween. By night, older kids and adults line up for the bone-chilling Famous Bone-Chilling Twisted Barn of Doom ~ “ThunderRidge Hotel”, the Scary Terror Train and the CARNEVIL. As if we weren’t already terrified of clowns.