This week in Manitoba, give in to your nostalgic side and make new memories of festivals and fun. Remember driving with Ma and Pa to the local drive in? How about spending the summer roasting marshmallows, learning to tie knots and sleeping in bunk beds at summer camp? Tapping into your beloved childhood memories has never been easier! Here’s what’s hot in Manitoba…

See it all at Folklorama

Folklorama Winnipeg

August 2 to 15

It’s here, it’s finally here! This year at Folklorama, you can truly see it all. Grab your passport and venture out from pavilion to pavilion to view world-class entertainment and taste delicious authentic food. As the largest and longest-running multicultural festival in the world, Folklorama offers an incredibly vibrant glimpse into cultures around the globe, right here in Manitoba.

Catch a flick downtown

Downtown Drive-in Movies Winnipeg

August 4 | Memorial Park
August 8 | Cityplace Parking Lot, Winnipeg

Is there anything more nostalgic than catching your favourite film at the drive in? This week you can catch two flicks downtown – and it all depends on what you prefer! Prefer to sit on the grass and sing along to a witty comedy? Head to Memorial Park for Pitch Perfect. If that’s not up your alley, drive down to the City Place Parking Lot to view Wall-E from the comfort of your 1969 Dodge (one can dream, right?).

Race through marsh madness

Duck and Run Oak Hammock Marsh

August 9 | 9:00 pm
Oak Hammock Marsh

Walk, run or skip along Oak Hammock Marsh at this year’s Duck & Run! Don’t forget to take in the scenery of muskrat huts and cattail stands as you race toward the finish line in a 5 km or 10 km run. 2 km family walks are also available for those who enjoy a slower pace of life. The event wraps up with healthy food options, family-friendly activities and more.

Go bananas in Melita

Melita Banana

August 7 to 8

We love our roadside attractions in Manitoba; and although Melita’s giant banana didn’t come out on top in our Roadside Madness competition, it still gets its very own weekend celebration. Three days of family fun comes jam packed with carnivals, clowns, parades, dunk tans, games, horse rides and more. I know, I know, I expected more bananas to be involved too.

Rock out in Winkler

Winkler Harvest Festival & Exhibition

August 7 to 9

The Harvest Festival is a huge, free event in Winkler, and not one you’ll be happy to miss.  Entering its 30th year, the festival is packed with amazing headliners like For King and Country, who happened to win two Grammys just last year. Enjoy free entertainment, rodeo, parade, pancake breakfasts, and more.

Return to summer camp

Great Escape Camp FortWhyte Alive

August 6 | 7:00 pm
FortWhyte Alive

Who doesn’t want to go back to the good ol’ days of spending your summer break at camp? We all have fond memories (unless you were the kid who was allergic to everything, including grass) of horseback riding, jumping on trampolines, and singing songs around a roaring campfire. Now, thanks to FortWhyte Alive, you can relive those sweet, sweet memories. Head to The Great Escape for what may just be, the most nostalgic evening of all time.

Sway to blues, roots and rock music in Brokenhead

Great Woods Music Festival

August 6 to 8
Brokenhead River

Blues, rock and roots music are all on the docket at this year’s Great Woods Musical Festival in Brokenhead. Wander over to the Moonrise Cabana or Star Dome to join others from around Manitoba and beyond at this growing music festival.

Head out on a day trip to Steep Rock

Steep Rock, sometimes referred to as the Jewel of Lake Manitoba, is a picturesque spot for explorers, photographers and everybody in between. Formed over thousands of years, the cliffs of Steep Rock are made of limestone, with waves forming the rock into usual drops, caves and geological formations over time. Here, you can set out on a photo shoot to capture the perfect landscape, or drop into the water on a kayak for a day of exploration. The Steep Rock Beach campground is nearby for overnight stays.

Join into a small town celebration

Carberry Heritage Festival

August 7 to 8

Explore human and built heritage and the relationship between them at The Carberry Heritage Festival! As Manitoba’s only designated Heritage District, Carberry is the perfect location for a festival that celebrates Manitoba’s unique heritage moments. The festival offers unique activities such as historical tours, Ukrainian egg decorating and horse-drawn carriage rides.

Whoop and hollar in Portage la Prairie

Whoop & Hollar Portage la Prairie Folk Festival

August 7
Portage la Prairie

Folkies, the party continues at the Whoop & Hollar Folk Festival in Portage la Prairie! While the Whoop & Hollar Festival may sound like a rather rowdy event, it is actually an intimate experience on a private rural property located 10 minutes southeast of Portage la Prairie. Here, you can listen to folk musical stylings against the rustle of leaves in the trees. Join around the bonfire or pitch a tent and stay the night.

Participate in a yearly tradition in Kleefield

Kleefield Honey Festival

August 7 to 9

Much like Melita’s Banana Days, Kleefield’s Honey Festival has very little to do with honey – but is a blast nonetheless! This yearly tradition has been a hit since 1970, with activities such as movie night, parades, chili cook-off and of course, fireworks.

Unlock the mystery of an escape room

Escape Rooms Winnipeg

Various dates and locations

You’re locked in a room with 60 minutes to escape or find your objective. What do you do? Don’t worry – there are plenty of clues for you to uncover to help find your way out. Escape rooms are growing in popularity across Canada, and Winnipeg just happens to boast a few of the best. Test your skills at Enigma Escapes‘ Jewel of Zanzibar as you hunt down a mystical gem from a powerful warlord or head to The Real Escape to escape Death Row after you and your friends are wrongfully convicted. Whatever you do, don’t run out of time.

Take a culinary tour in the West End

West End Biz Food Tour

August 5
West End, Winnipeg

What’s on the menu for dinner? On this mouth-watering food tour, you’ll head out in the West End of Winnipeg to explore some of Winnipeg’s favourite eateries. Start with Mercadito Latino (don’t forget to shop the market) before heading to Sorrento’s Pizza, Shawarma Time and Rice Bowl. You probably won’t have much room for dessert.

Select garden greens for pizza night on the farm

Integrity Foods

Fridays and Saturdays | 5:00 to 9:00 p.m.
Integrity Foods

Pizza night is in full swing at Integrity Foods. Embrace the farm life in this serene setting as your garden-fresh pizza bakes in an outdoor brick oven. Farm animals, pets, gardens, forest trails and children’s activities are just a few of the delights waiting for you on this family abode. Plus, who wouldn’t want to have a pizza picnic? Sandwiches are so overrated!

Discover exceptional art

Inland Sea by William Pura

Inland Sea by William Pura

August 7
Exchange District, Winnipeg

Wander the Exchange District in search of incredible art at First Fridays. First Fridays is dedicated to bringing together artists, artist run centres, galleries, businesses and the public for a greater understanding, appreciation and promotion of the arts in the Exchange area.

Celebrate our northern history

Treaty And York Boat Days

Jul 31 to Aug 9
Norway House

Treaty and York Boat Days is an annual event that honors those Cree, Metis and European settlers who carved out the community during a time when survival depended on an iron will and steady determination. The World Championship York Boat Races pays homage to the strength through determination of contestants from all over Manitoba and neighboring provinces/states, who take it upon themselves to heave and thrust fifty pound oars in an effort to claim supremacy in the races.