As a travel company, Frontiers North Adventures brings guests to incredible corners of Manitoba’s north so they can experience firsthand the history, culture and wildlife of an area of the world that inspires and captivates. They also feel like they have a responsibility to not only ensure they work and live responsibly in this fragile ecosystem, but also inspire and educate people from all corners of the globe to be passionate about the north and everything that lives in it, especially the mighty, yet vulnerable, polar bear. Here are five ways they work hard to help polar bears…

1. They designed the Tundra Buggy® to have low impact on the land.

Frontiers North Adventures

And provide you with the most perfect views. With tires as tall as most people, the Tundra Buggy is a gentle giant that treads as carefully as possible over pre-existing trails on the tundra so as not to ruin the fragile northern ecosystem – there is never ever any off-roading. This allows safe viewing of polar bears in their natural environment bringing no harm to the bears or the humans. They’ve also equipped their Tundra Buggy Lodge with a grey-water system to get the most out of this precious resource. They never waste a drop!

2. They partner up with the best.

Frontiers North Adventures

Since 2000, Frontiers North has been a Platinum sponsor of Polar Bears International, the world’s leading polar bear conservation group. Polar Bears International works year-round conducting research to find how changing ice conditions affect the health and population of the Arctic’s most famous inhabitant and to develop solutions to these challenges. They receive help from Frontiers North by receiving exclusive use of Tundra Buggy One — a mobile broadcast and research centre — and through support for programs like the Climate Alliance, Tundra Connections and Field Ambassador Program.

Did you know that last year alone more than 400,000 people learned about polar bears through the Tundra Connections program?

3. They combine learning with adventure in the most jaw-dropping, awe-inspiring way.

Frontiers North Adventures

Frontiers North’s one-of-a-kind Conservation Journey: Polar Bears is a learning-based trip that happens every November during Polar Bear Week. This unique experience combines education with adventure and provides you with the chance to travel with leading polar bear scientists. And a portion of each trip is provided to Polar Bears International in support of their programs and conservation efforts, which makes capturing the perfect shot feel even that much sweeter.

4. They bring the polar bear migration into homes around the world.

Frontiers North Adventures

Frontiers North believes that the best way to get people passionate about polar bears is to share them with the world. Each year, Frontiers North partners with and Polar Bears International to broadcast Churchill’s polar bears world-wide on the Polar Bear Cam. With cameras mounted on the Tundra Buggy Lodge and Tundra Buggy One, you can watch live as these incredible creatures await the freezing of Hudson Bay during their autumn migration in October and November, or catch the highlight reel during the rest of the year. Live cams for the win!

5. They share the bears via Google Street View.

Frontiers North Adventures

Frontiers North became friends with the Google Maps team to give anyone around the globe the chance to explore the habitat of the world’s best-known polar bear population. This Google Street View is like no other. In addition to sweet polar bear footage, the site also helps bring attention to the impact of disappearing sea ice caused by climate change.

Here are 5 ways you can help polar bears too.

February 27 is International Polar Bear Day, a day of action held by Polar Bears International to encourage sustainable living in the efforts to conserve polar bear habitat. You can help the bears out by simply reducing your carbon footprint:

  1. Share this day of action by joining Polar Bears International’s Save Our Sea Ice Community.
  2. Sign the Fair Price for Carbon Petition to ask the White House to help secure a renewable energy future.
  3. Fight climate change by making small changes to live more environmentally friendly.
  4. Share your ideas on Frontiers North’s Facebook page to help others fight climate change.
  5. Learn how small changes in how you heat and cool your home or reducing your home energy consumption can save power and help save the planet.

Want to spend more time with polar bears? Visit Frontiers North Adventures to learn more about their conservation efforts and unique adventures in Canada’s north.

You can also catch Guilhem Roche, a Frontiers North Adventure Planner, in our Visitor Information Centre at The Forks this Saturday from noon to 4:00 p.m. Guilhem will be on hand to talk about conservation efforts and northern safaris.

Sponsored by Frontiers North.