With summer being so busy, it’s easy to lose touch with friends who may have their own conflicting schedule of cabin weekends, camping excursions and events. Getting everyone together in one place takes time and effort, but a VIP tour with Folklorama can ease some of those organizational pains.  On the opening night of Folklorama, my friend and I embarked on a VIP tour where we had the opportunity to experience three distinct cultures in ONE night – no plane ticket needed! As expected, the evening was filled with great food, entertainment and plenty of laughs. Here’s why you should plan a VIP girls night out with Folklorama…

The ease of travel

In other words, more time for chatting and catching up. If your gal pals are anything like mine, it can be hard enough to orchestrate a get together – never mind arrange rides and a detailed itinerary. The VIP Tour with Folklorama takes care of all the fine details – from pavilion selection to reserved seating to an air conditioned bus for getting from point A to B. While the normal Folklorama experience involves queuing in line, the VIP tour guarantees instant access to each pavilion – no waiting! If your friend group prefers to explore by foot or bike, opt for a VIP Cycle or VIP Walking Tour.

The food and drink

A necessity of any girl’s night out, the food and drink will never disappoint at Folklorama – and the VIP tour makes it even easier to enjoy tastes from around the world. Each tour includes a progressive food tour with an appetizer, dinner and dessert served in order at each pavilion as well as two alcoholic beverages and one non-alcoholic beverage. On our tour, we were treated to a variety of sausages and savoury pastry at the Serbian “Beograd” Pavilion, a dinner consisting of butter chicken, vegetable korma, basmati rice, salad and naan at the India Pavilion and an apple crisp dessert topped with Irish cream at the Celtic-Ireland Pavilion. If you have a picky eater in the group, it’s a fantastic way to introduce (or force) them to expand their horizons with global flavours. Food and drink is served directly to your table, which means once again, you don’t have to spend time in any lines (unless a pavilion calls for drink 2 or 3, of course).

The culture

Do you prefer your nights out to include a touch of theatrics and entertainment? The shows are the best part of Folklorama! We were amazed at the variety of cultures we were introduced to on the VIP tour – from the accordion vibes of the Serbian Pavilion to the Bollywood dancing at the India Pavilion to the highly precise Irish step dancing of the Celtic-Ireland Pavilion. Folklorama will educate and inspire you to explore new cultures through dance and song – and if you want to continue that education into the night, the VIP Party Tour includes music and dancing at the last pavilion – the best way to end a night out with the girls!