Day one of FIFA Women’s World Cup at Winnipeg Stadium is in the books and boy did Group D put on a show. The games were thrilling and the fans were AMAZING! (Like “playing horns and beating drums throughout an entire match without stopping” amazing.) Everyone was full of patriotic passion and got the place rocking. The Americans brought the stars and stripes, the Nigerians brought the music, the Swedish pulled out some Viking intimidation, while the Aussies shouted Oi! Oi! Oi! all the way. Here’s what the day looked like…

The stadium was a colourful crush.

FIFA Women's World Cup

It was full of young fans with great pride.

FIFA Women's World Cup

Many showed off mad face-painting skills.

U.S.A. fans come out in full force at FIFA Women's World Cup Canada.

While others chose fun (and furry) hats.

FIFA Women's World Cup

The Swedish Vikings sailed in in a sea of yellow and blue.

The Swedes come out in full force at FIFA Women's World Cup Canada.

While the Nigerians brought the beat…

…and a whole lot of good cheer.

Then came the Aussies, with their captain kangaroo.

The Aussies come out in full force at FIFA Women's World Cup Canada.

Shuéme showed up for some selfies!

FIFA Women's World Cup

And had all the guys flocking to her.

FIFA Women's World Cup

The purveyors of pretzels were a BUSY lot!

FIFA Women's World Cup

In case you didn’t know, Hope Solo is for real.

Can’t wait to do this all over again on Friday.

FIFA Women's World Cup

You can still get tickets to some of the games via, but you better hurry, they’re selling fast!

Stay tuned… I’m going to be at all the games. I will also be handing out passes to fans from near and far to a few of our fabulous attractions, including Assiniboine Park ZooThe Manitoba Museum, The Royal Canadian Mint, Canadian Museum for Human Rights, Children’s Museum, FortWhyte Alive, Red River Ex, and Winnipeg Art Gallery.