And so we’ve come to the final stretch of Festival Madness. This week has seen a whirlwind of activity. There have been clear cut winners in each round and a few intense showdowns (we’re looking at you Trappers’ Fest and Fire & Water). And we’ve seen two out-of-nowhere contenders emerge from the east. Really, we should have seen this coming, you should never underestimate the strength and endurance of fire and knights. The Trappers’ put up a good fight in the competition, but going against Fire & Water was like going against fire and water. Those trappers were left gasping, so to speak. Oh, and by the way, there 8,662 votes cast in yesterday’s showdown. So good job all around! 👍

internetingBut today, it’s all about Fire & Water and Medieval Fest! One is a scorching music event, the other a medieval tournament. We’ve got battle-worn horsemen in one corner and hot indie-music loving fans in the other. Exciting!

Which one is going to go the distance? You decide…



Festival Madness - Championship round



The Championship

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Fire & Water (Lac du Bonnet) vs. Medieval Festival (Cooks Creek)


Voting will close at midnight tonight (Central Time). Come back to the blog tomorrow (March 25) to see which fest wins Festival Madness!