All year, you’ve been inundated with “Great shot, can we repost?!” And now, it all comes down to this. After weeks of careful consideration, our team at Travel Manitoba has determined our favourite 20 Instagram posts of 2015. These photos will catch your eye, warm your heart and inspire your soul. Our #exploremb community is simply the best. Without further adieu, Travel Manitoba’s Top 20!

A blood moon to remember

Photo by Réjean Brandt

An autumn colour palette

Photo by: Kerry Du

A galaxy not-so-far away

Photo by Karyn

A polar bear with perfect posture

Photo by Zach Doleac of Columbia

A captivating and foggy day at The Forks

Photo by The Forks

A high-flying shot of our beloved park

Photo by Reid Valmestad

A picturesque bike ride through Assiniboine Forest

Photo by Mark Reimer

A fox caught off guard by a trail cam

Photo by Paul Epp

A baby snow leopard ready for bath time

Photo by Cassandra 

A striking contrast in Churchill

Photo by Max Muench

A sunny adventure in sunflower season

Photo by Talia Ricci

An overly photogenic owl

Photo by Alex de Vries

A sing-along on the dock in Riding Mountain National Park

Photo by Austin MacKay

An ominous and brewing storm on the prairies

Photo by Ryan Dickie

A paddle through glass waters

Photo by Justine Hudson

A friendly stroll across an icy landscape

Photo by Scotty J

A stunning display of winter’s true colours

Photo by Zach Matenchuk

A translucent skating rink on Clear Lake

Photo by Carly Dow

A reflective forest in Nopiming Provincial Park

Photo by Nikki

An amazing capture of a Manitoba wonder

Photo by Kyle Schappert


‘Til next year! Don’t forget to tag your shots #exploremb, and you might just appear on our top list of 2016!