October is the known as the month where everything is either terrifying, beautiful, or flavoured with pumpkin spice – but sometimes, October surprises you. It wasn’t a pumpkin or costume photo that garnered us a new record of likes. Instead, it was a simple yet striking shot of the Sandilands forest by Brent McKean that smashed the record. Congratulations Brent! Here’s the best of our #ExploreMB feed in October…

Fantastical moments

The Cloud by Roberto G.

Hypnotizing Forest by Brent McKean

Marsh Aurora by Kyle Schappert

Hidden Corridor by Thomas Meyers

Quiet mornings

Falcon Trails Breakfast by Lucas Hacking

Yurt it Up by Tylor Reimer

West Hawk Hike by Jeffrey Krul

Fall vistas

Mantario Wilderness by Sarah Wildman

Autumn Makes its Mark by Julie

Kick Up Your Feet by S.Parashin

Halloween scares

Halloween in Churchill by Jonathan Gregson Photography

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