It’s safe to say that August flew right by, leaving behind freckled sun tans and a whole lot of memories. Strange occurrences were captured by our community, with goats that call Steep Rock home and bears that break dance making appearances on our Instagram feed. Meanwhile, Churchill was enjoying the balmy summer months as visitors oohed and ahhed at the sights of the remote northern town. Add in a few golden treasures of our gorgeous province and we had the best of #ExploreMB in August…

Churchill Fever

Ithica Ruin by Kyle Schappert

Face Off by Marie-Julie Gagnon

Every Direction by Maude

Beluga Frenzy by Brian Fergusson 

Baby Beluga by Toque and Canoe

Weird and Wacky

Break-dancing Bear by Mia Kona

Grand Beach Go! by Noelle Rosales

Steep Rock Goat by Brian McFarlane 

Golden Views

Sunflower Season by Pascale Rocher

Rainbow Stage by Liz Tran

Sunset Paddle by Paul Epp

National Treasure by Adam Kelly

Scenes of the Summer

Quilter’s Paradise by Kevin Roy

Inland Ocean by Cameron Pike

Evening Kayak by Réjean Brandt

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