It’s all coming up sunflowers in Manitoba! Fields upon fields of those yellow and green beauties were all over last week’s #exploremb feed. We also saw lovely sunsets, kicking colts and lots and lots of people wading (and waving) through the wheat.

The three finalists for the 🌾 Heartland 🌾 challenge are…

Talia Ricci (@talricci)

Talia’s profile says she’s “{collecting beautiful moments} people. places. stories. art.” Going through her feed, you definitely see many beautiful Manitoba moments but she mixes them in with photos that show off her adventurous spirit. Love that! 

🌻 #exploreMB #manitoba #sunflowers

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Gage Fletcher (@gage.fletcher)

We’ve had our eye on Gage for awhile now. He’s been sharing images for each challenge since the get-go. This week he blew us away with his vibrant sunflower shot and made us laugh with his wheat wave. (We’re also sharing one of his Icelandic Festival pics because c’mon, look at how cool it is!)

Manitoba's #heartland is where my heart longs to be. 🌾 #ExploreMb @travelmanitoba

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Andrea Rose (@andrearosep)

Andrea just doesn’t take photos of the Heartland. She lives and breathes it. Her feed is a wonderful showcase of what living off the land looks and feels like. Andrea also adores her horses and takes the prettiest equine images around.

a repost of when outlaw was just a wee little colt.. #exploremb #explorecanada

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been seriously neglecting my cucumber.. All came off one plant today.

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these sunrises have my heart @travelmanitoba #exploremb #explorecanada

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Congratulations, Talia, Gage and Andrea, you all win an #ExploreMB Instagram Moments book and are now finalists for our Instagram trip to Churchill.

The #exploremb challenge – week eight

#ExploreMB Challenge: Paddling Adventures

This week, we want to see your best 🚣 Paddling Adventures 🚣 on Instagram. Refresh us with how much you love skimming quietly over calm waters or paddling your heart out down a feisty river. Don’t forget to tag #exploremb on your posts!

Read all the contest details here or see all the finalists so far. Happy Instagramming!