There’s no static on this station – and certainly no commercials. Tune into nature’s frequency on a night walk with Earth Rhythms and discover a listening experience where the reception is always crystal clear – this is Nature 101 FM.

On select Saturdays (Sept. 10, 17, 24, and Oct. 1 & 8) throughout the fall, the Acoustical Evening Walk by Earth Rhythms will guide you off the beaten path and into the night for an autumnal evening in the golden aspens and boreal greens of Riding Mountain National Park.

As autumn hits the parkland, night falls early and wildlife begin to rut and prepare for the coming season. Wolves and coyotes communicate through howling and birds can be heard migrating. Experienced local and naturalist, Celes Davar, is your guide in this boutique outdoor encounter that brings you closer to Riding Mountain’s wild nature against the backdrop of changing fall colours. There’s a sense of the unknown that comes with embarking on a night hike, but rest assured that you are in safe hands – Celes has over 35 years of experience in the region.

Guiding you into the park, this experiential walk will provide you with opportunities to participate in learning and trying out the interactive acoustical sounds of fall wildlife. Listen to the calls of the wild (with the enhancement of a mic and headphones); learn how to differentiate an elk bugle, a moose call and try howling for wolves. Identify tracks and uncover the signs of diverse wildlife rituals in the park while learning about the ecology, behavior and food requirements of elk, moose and wolves that call Riding Mountain home. Dial into wilderness and tune your ears to all the quintessential sounds of fall in the park: from geese flying overhead to the soft textures of cured grasses and fallen leaves beneath your feet. Soon, you’ll be able to make sense of and find peace in your surroundings. Ultimately, you’ll feel comfortable sharing in the silence and night sounds.

As your wilderness mission draws to a close, settle in and enjoy hot beverages and fall harvest snacks influenced by the season and region from Onanole and Wasagaming restaurant, The Foxtail Cafe. The listening experience is deepened when a surprise renowned local songwriter shares their songs, storytelling about the land’s inspiration and their Canadian experiences. Confirmed artists include Ingrid Gatin, Jesse Matas (The Crooked Brothers), and Carly Dow.

Fall in Love with Riding Mountain Acoustical Evening Walks

Sept. 10, 17, 24, and Oct. 1 & 8

$115.00pp + $5.75 GST = $120.75

To book: Call 204-867-7152 or email

For more details: Visit the Earth Rhythms Blog