Manitoba’s events and community celebrations are know for their immersive, authentic and joyous experiences. Here you will discover a large bounty of culture, kindness and generosity. Come join us and you’ll see that there’s just something about this place that will move you…

Something that makes you want to sing and dance and cheer.

Lively Gatherings: Folk Festival

Something that makes you crowd the streets.

Lively Gatherings: Fringe Festival

Pack the bleachers and blow the roof right off.

Lively Gatherings: Winnipeg Jets

It’s a place where we’ll throw a festival for a vegetable.

Lively Gatherings: Morden Corn & Apple

We’ll throw a festival for anything that brings us together.

Lively Gatherings: Royal Manitoba Winter Fair

There’s no better way to get to know us than joining us for a bit of fun.

Lively Gatherings: Icelandic Festival

And we’ll take a good swing at showing you the best of us.

Lively Gatherings: Goldeyes games

There’s just something about this place that will make your heart cheer. ❤️

Lively Gatherings: Winter in Winnipeg

So come party with us…