Welcome to the Red River Exhibition

June 12 to 21

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages…Welcome, to the extravaganza that is the Red River Exhibition! Here, you will scream your heart out while flying down a roller coaster at lightning speeds, discover unusual creatures from around the world and witness amazing feats unlike any other. Dramatics aside, the Red River Exhibition is one of the most exciting events of the summer in Manitoba. Tickets can be bought in advance for early-bird specials, or at the gate.

Red River Exhibition Map

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You can indulge in classic and non-traditional carnival food

From cotton candy to healthy wraps, there is something for every person and every diet at the Red River Ex. Find concession stands around the park for whenever your appetite calls for a snack or ever-so-refreshing freshly squeezed lemonade. A wise man once said, “You might want to watch how many corn dogs you eat before going on that spinning roller coaster.”

And rock out to performances from artists around the globe

Red River Exhibition Main Stage

With two stages for entertainment and nightly talent, a good  great performance is only a step away. This year’s incredible main stage lineup includes The Guess Who, Doc Walker and Shawn Desmond. During the day, you will be entertained by street circus acts and Sinbad’s High Dive Show, featuring high-elevation acrobatics. End your visit with a spectacular show of fireworks and call it a night – you’ve most definitely had enough excitement for one day.

Need more convincing? You can win that giant plush tiger you’ve always dreamed of…

Red River Ex Games

Photo by Kyla Roma

Step right up to test your skills and luck at one of many games at the Red River Ex. Expect to see the usual suspects; Duck Pond, Whack-a-Mole, Balloon and Darts, and much more. There are many things in the world that can cause both joy and frustration, and carnival games is one of them. You may not think you need another stuffed animal, but you do.

 …Browse the market for unique treasures


You never know what you might come across at the Exhibition Place Market. Purchase your own magic card set or browse exotic fashions as you wander this large marketplace. For a mystical experience, get your palm read by a fortune teller and gain insight into your future. This definitely  isn’t your regular ol’ shopping mall.

And become an adrenaline junkie at the Midway

Red River Exhibition Midway

One of the most exciting attractions at the Red River Ex is the Midway. Thrill seekers from all over the province and beyond gather to ride the most stomach-dropping rides that the Ex has to offer. Get amped up at the Polar Express as you squish whoever is next to you, and hang out upside down on the Ring of Fire. Visit the website for a full list of rides at this year’s Exhibition. Screaming guaranteed!

One thing’s for sure, your kids will love every minute

Kids Entertainers  at the Red River ExFor the young and young at heart, the Red River Ex features a wide variety of energetic and fun performances, featuring well known characters such as Garfield, The Very Hungry Caterpillar and princesses from the most beloved fairy tales. Between starring in a western musical and spinning in delight at the kid’s midway, memories are just waiting to be made!

They might even make a new friend of a different species

Petting Zoo at the Red River Ex

What types of animals can you meet at the Ex, you ask? Touch the Farm allows visitors to get up close and personal with goats, llamas and other farm animals. Learn more about farming in the Discovery Centre and meet animals of both feathered and furry variety. Next, head to Centre Place to see the friendliest and cutest purebred dogs. You will be able to interact with the dogs and chat with knowledgeable breeders. If this has you in a dog-craze, get your next fix at the Canine Stars show, where you will see stunt pups in action. Little Ray’s Reptiles is your last stop. View reptiles of all kinds and sit back for a dynamic and interactive show. It’s going to be a battle of the cutest at this year’s Red River Ex!

A very different species. See you at the Ex!

Rex the Baby TRex

Dinosaurs walk the earth once more at this year’s Red River Exhibition! A baby T-Rex known none other than Rex will be wandering the park to meet and greet visitors. Have no fear- as a dino-toddler, Rex is always escorted by his guardian to make sure he is on his best behavior. How adorable is he?!