You know what’s an absolute blast? Catching cats, that’s what. No, not cats of the furry kind, but those feisty, monstrous, kinda slimy channel cats that you’ll find in great abundance in the Red River. The area between Lockport and Selkirk is widely considered one of the best spots in the world to catch them.

Pretty faces they do not have, but they are a fun photobomb just waiting to happen. (Want proof? Look no further than the photo above.)

If you’re looking for a uniquely Manitoba adventure this summer, this is it. Here’s a list of outfitters to get you started. And when (not if) you catch a Master Angler, remember to measure it, snap a photo and submit it to get your award. (There’s also an iPhone app to help you with that.)

Fish Tales 2014

Fish Tales 2014


In late June, the local media ventured out to Selkirk to enjoy a morning fishing for channel cats on the Red River for Fish Tales. This annual event is our chance to get the media to shine a light on Manitoba’s many outfitters and fishing destinations. They came, they reported, they caught — a lot. For the 12 media that made it out, 30 Master Anglers were reeled in! What a day. Here are a few of their stories…

Oliver Sachgau recounts his perfect catch… that got away

Oliver Sachgau reels in a channel catfish on the Red River.

You’ve heard about the one that got away? After losing a trophy-sized fish on my first-ever fishing trip Tuesday, I now fall squarely into the category of fishermen with a story of “It was this big, I swear!” Read more

The Complete Angler goes Catfish Crazy!

The Complete Angler catches a couple of catfish on the Red River.

It had been about year since I had caught my last channel catfish but when Travel Manitoba extended the invite to fish for a morning as part of their media event titled “Fish Tales” how could I refuse. Read more

Travel Manitoba’s Kirsten Neil is Hooked!

Travel Manitoba's Kirsten Neil is Hooked!

This is the best way to spend a work day. I was recently invited to join local anglers and a bunch of media to Travel Manitoba’s annual Fish Tales event. The morning was chilly, but everyone was heatedly anticipating getting out on the Red to reel in a few feisty channel cats. Read more

A BIG thank you goes out to our favourite fishing guru Shel Zolkewich and the fantastic guides for putting on such a fun and successful event. More thanks goes out to Cabela’s for the free gear, Danny’s Whole Hog for “bringing the flavour” to a tasty shorelunch and Shut Ur Pie Hole for some sweet pie treats.

Bonus video

Watch how much fun the #ProjectAdventure crew had fishing on the Red last summer. (Fishing segment starts at 1:05)