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The old idiom goes, "I'll cross that bridge when I come to it" - but why wait for a chance encounter?

As bridges have become a popular subject matter for photographers, we compiled a little list of some of the most intriguing and attractive bridges in Manitoba. Do you see one missing from our list? Tell us about it in the comments! 

Pinawa Heritage Suspension Bridge


The Pinawa Heritage Suspension Bridge is one of the most photographed bridges in Manitoba, stretching 54 metres across the scenic Pinawa Channel. As it happens, it's also the end point for a Pinawa Channel float during the summer months. But whether it's surrounded by a winter wonderland landscape or colourful fall foliage, you won't be disappointed with making a stop to check out this suspension bridge. 

Souris Swinging Bridge


This Manitoba Star Attraction draws in brave visitors from across the province to the quaint town of Souris, to see if they have the guts to cross Canada's longest swinging pedestrian bridge. The 184-metre bridge was reinforced several times in the 1900's but had to be rebuilt completely after the floods of 1976 and 2011.

Wekusko Falls Provincial Park Bridge

Wekusko Falls

Located 2 hours from both Flin Flon and The Pas, Wekusko Falls is a natural wonder in Manitoba's north that features not one, but two bridges. Step onto the suspension or smaller swinging bridge to watch as the Grass River narrows plunge through a series of rapids and waterfalls into Wekusko Lake.

Icelandic Bridge


Enjoy views of the scenic Icelandic River in the Village of Riverton from the (fairly) new 100-metre Icelandic Walking Bridge. If you choose to view the bridge from the ground level, take a stroll down the riverside path and sit on one of the shaded benches along the way. While in town, be sure to stop into Kahleigh's Brew Barn to try their signature 'dirty fries'! 

Tremblay Bridge


Spanning the Seine River, the Tremblay Bridge connects Tremblay Street to Edgewood Street in delightfully colourful style. The rainbow design was painted by Cool Streets, a project started in 2017 by Stephane Dorge in the hopes of bringing life and more foot traffic to stagnant streets and bridges throughout Winnipeg.  

Senkiw Suspension Bridge 

Roseau River

This lesser known suspension bridge and municipal historic site crosses the Roseau River and was originally intended as a means for students living on the south side of the river to attend Senkiw School on the opposite side. It was quite the upgrade from the hand-powered basket and pulley system that had been previously used. The bridge was restored in 2004 and now links the Trans-Canada Trail.

La Barriere Park Bridge


Located minutes from St. Norbert, La Barriere Park is an urban oasis for those looking for the great outdoors without leaving the city of Winnipeg. Kayaks and canoes meander down the La Salle River, while those on foot can make their way along the trails to the picturesque arched footbridge.

Esplanade Riel Bridge


We couldn't finish this list without mentioning Winnipeg's most famous bridge: the Esplanade Riel. Named in honour of Louis Riel, this pedestrian bridge was designed by architects Guy Prefontaine and Étienne Gaboury and connects the neighbourhood of St. Boniface with downtown Winnipeg. In the summer months, the bridge also hosts the delicious Mon Ami Louis restaurant and the Le Monkey Bar treats kiosk.