“People who love to eat are always the best people.” Julia Child

Can’t argue with that. And if you fit the “people who love to eat” bill, Manitoba’s fall season is probably your favourite season. How can it not be when the fields have been harvested and we’re all ready to dig in and share our land’s rich bounty with each other.

Fall suppers

Fall Suppers

Ah, the heavenly aromas of a turkey dinner. Sweet, sweet turkey dinner. It’s hard to top that spicy bouquet as you sit down to partake in a joyous meal with family, friends and a few soon-to-be-friends at a memorable Manitoba fall supper. These events will leave you feeling nourished and rooted.

Usually held in a church or community hall, the suppers typically feature some combination of turkey, meatballs, mashed potatoes, perogies, veggies and hot buttery buns, finished off with mouth-watering pies of every kind. Fall suppers are fundraising efforts for the communities; generally tickets cost between $10 and $20 – a steal considering there are no restrictions on how high you can pile your plate.

Even though fall suppers are a hot ticket this time of year, finding where and when they all are can be a little bit tricky. Luckily, the wonderful Orest Kinasevych has put together the most comprehensive fall supper list we can find. Bonus, it’s map based! Orest rocks.

Worth the trip

Now is the absolute best time of the year to pack up your appetite and hit the road. There are plenty of good eats to be found while spending a day driving around the province “oohing” and “ahhing” at autumn’s most resplendent palette. Here are a few of note…

Pineridge Hollow

Beet chips from Pineridge Hollow.

Looking to savour one of the best home-cooked meals in the province? Apart from your own, of course. Nestled just outside Bird’s Hill Park, Pineridge Hollow‘s turn-of-the-century style carriage house is the perfect place to escape this fall. Their charmingly rustic restaurant is dedicated to creating wholesome, delicious and comforting food. Order the beet chips (pictured), they’re to die for.

Oh, and Pineridge also hosts a Fall Supper. It’s Friday, October 9. Book now!

Foxtail Cafe

Foxtail Cafe

If you’re a pizza lover, you need to make a trip out to the Parkland to taste the wood-fired goodness at Foxtail Cafe. In particular, the Cinder & Smoke pie will have you fighting over who gets that last slice. They have two locations close to each other, Onanole and Wasagaming in RMNP.

Casa Bianca

Casa Bianca

Not many have dined at Casa Bianca’s in Winnipeg Beach, but those who have, have given it glowing reviews. Our CEO says Casa Bianca served him one of the best meals he’s ever had. It even made a fan out of Winnipeg’s top food critic, Marion Warhaft, who declared, “Casa Bianca is still serving the best resort food I have ever found — quality ingredients prepared from sophisticated recipes with a sure and accomplished hand.” It doesn’t get better than that! Note: Casa Bianca is open until October 24.

Brereton Lake Resort

Brereton Lake Resort

If you’re heading to the Whiteshell, make a lunch stop along Highway 307 to feast on the famous Brereton Burger at Brereton Lake Resort. This newly renovated restaurant boasts a menu that has you covered breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Hot right now

Winnipeg’s food scene has never been hotter. Here are a few new and notable places that should earn a spot on your “must try” list. And if you’re looking for even more enticing places to eat in the city, keep your eyes on Peg City Grub — one of the best restaurant guides.

Fools & Horses

Fools & Horses.

Toast. Usually, it’s those forgotten little pieces of soggy bread you get on the side with your breakfast. Well, that doesn’t jive with the good folks at Fools & Horses. They are quickly becoming known for their Fancy Toasts, which range from the sweet to the savory. Pick the Extremely Gouda and you get a bit of both. Once you’ve selected your toast, grab some coffee…or a craft beer, there’s no judging here.


Tasty treats galore at Bronuts Donuts & Coffee.

The bros from Bronuts just can’t keep up with Winnipeg’s demand for their sweet buns. Ever since they opened their doors last spring the lineups have been unreal — the bakers are constantly hustling to keep up with demand. They don’t just claim a clever name, they blend together some of the most interesting flavours around and offer a daily doughnut lineup that will keep you on your toes. The PJ (peanut butter & Jam) is their latest creation in honour of the back-to-school crowd.



“This cauliflower is ridiculous.” That was me recently on my first visit to Enoteca. It’s not often you hear yourself raving over a bunch of cauliflower (pictured), but when it’s Scott Bagshaw doing the cooking, you know you’re in for an experience that will amp up your senses. The way he mixes flavours and textures, oh boy!

For a more comprehensive, and well thought out review, see what Peg City Grub had to say about Enoteca.

The Merchant Kitchen

The Merchant Kitchen

Downtown Winnipeg’s just-opened The Merchant Kitchen is turning out tantalizing Latin and Asian inspired street food in a hip atmosphere full of rich hues and earthy elements. It’s an eclectic place where you can pair a 5 Spice Dark & Stormy with a bowl of Kimchi Stir Fry (pictured). It sounds like the carnitas tacos are pretty darn fab too since Peg City Grub almost came to blows over them. 


And with that, go forth and fall in love with your fall dining experiences.

Are you making your way to a fall supper this season? Or do you have any restaurants to add to this list? Tell us in the comments!